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Quilt Kit

“Perfect Beginning”

Have you ever completed a project from a quilt kit?

Sometimes you see them when you’re in the line at the cutting table waiting on your fabric to get trimmed to the length that’s needed.

They are perfect for beginners because they have all the pieces you need to complete a project.  Kits also walk you through every step of the way to assemble it.

We’ll go over some of the easiest kit quilting projects that are out there and where is the best place to shop for them.


This is a perfect example of a kit made for a wall hang quilt.  It has everything included so you don’t need any other supplies.

This is what comes with the kit.

  • Precut foam board
  • The various fabrics that are required
  • The pattern
  • Detailed instructions to walk you through the process

The finial size is 12x12 inches which makes it an excellent wall hanging.  The design is so lovely that it could go in just about any room.


Now what should you look for when shopping for quilting kits?

There are a few things to keep in mind and ask yourself when looking at kits.

Is everything included?

Is the design something that appeals to you?

Are you going to have to get additional miscellaneous supplies just to finish the project?

Will there be any sewing or gluing involved?

By answering these questions, you have a clearer idea of what it will take to finish a project from the kit you are looking at.

As you can see from our example kit, it has everything you need in order to complete the project.  That’s why it is the perfect model of an ideal beginner project.

When you are learning something new, it is best to think of KISS.

Not the band, but what it stands for.

K – Keep

I – It

S – Simple

S – and Smart

If you keep this motto in mind when scooping out new techniques it will help the stress level stay down and the project will be more fun.

We want you to have the best experience with quilting possible.


Where are a few places that you can find kits for quilting like this one?

Most hobby and fabrics stores have them.  However the supplies on hand and choices of kits can be very limited.  That’s why we prefer to shop around online.  You get more of a variety and usually additional details on what is included in the kit.

For instance Joann’s and Ebay carry several kits online and in great assortments. But did you know that actually has even more and at better prices?  We had no clue until we checked it out. 

Usually in the store they only have around 5 to 15 hanging around the cutting table.  Online they have a vast selection and we must say they are more like the designs we would want to make for decoration.

Wrap Up

The quilt kit in our example is just one of the many that are on the market today.  We like the beautiful butterfly image and the fact that it has everything included, making it perfect for a beginner project.  Please keep that in mind when you are looking for one yourself.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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