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Quilt for Baby

I recently gave birth to my first child in June of 2013, which brings me to the story of receiving such a beautiful quilt.

I worked as a waitress up until my due date. I would serve different people every day; some regular customers and some strangers.

Nearing the end of my pregnancy during a busy lunch shift, a cute little lady walked up to me asking me if I was "Jennifer". I said “yes” thinking to myself if I knew this woman, but I knew good and well that I didn’t.

She then handed me a gift bag then left. (No I didn't think to ask who she was at the time. .everything just happened so fast). The tag on the bag said "to Jennifer, from the baby fairy".

After reading that I really thought I was going crazy because I didn't know who this lady was yet she knew my name and that I was expecting.

Inside the bag was a beautiful handmade quilt. As I spent weeks pondering who gave me this gift, I see the woman eating breakfast in the restaurant. So, I finally got the chance to figure it all out! She told me she asked one of my co-workers for my name one day. That was when she saw my baby bump. She makes people quilts all the time.

Still to this day I think of what a nice lady she was to give me this wonderful gift of a beautiful quilt!

Thank you!

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