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Quick and Easy Quilting

“Fast As Lightning”

Looking for some quick and easy quilting ideas?

You came to the right place.

We’ll give you some concepts as well as techniques to jump start you towards your next project.


The first tip we can give you is to keep your fabric limited.  If you want a quilt that can be made fast, it all starts with the cutting and piecing of the top.  Limiting the different fabrics that are being used, the faster the project will be.

For example, using the whole cloth quilting method is the fastest by far for making a quick quilt.

The next quickest would be quilts made of only two different materials. They can be cut quickly.  Then if using a simple design, of triangles or squares, speed piecing can be done.

There are all kinds of patterns that incorporate squares and/or triangles.  It’s a staple for quilters of all talents. 

Best of all, even if a quilt is one that didn’t take of lot of time to make, doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty.

Cutting Techniques

One of the easiest cutting techniques there are uses a rotary cutter, a self-healing mat, and an acrylic ruler.

To use this technique, make sure your fabric is freshly washed, dried, and pressed.

Then fold it in half, width-wise. Do it again and again until the width of the material is manageable on the mat under the ruler.  At this position you can cut strips, squares, or rectangles quick and efficiently.

Next we'll describe speed piecing the top together to achieve quick and easy quilting.

Speed Piecing

This is an excellent way to get a top put together, without the process becoming too repetitive.

Speed piecing, also known as chain piecing, is a technique for piecing together fabric in a quick method using your sewing machine.

This method works the quickest when you’re making squares for your quilting blocks.

This can be done with triangles too.

Just cut your fabric into strips that are the desired width of the squares.

Sew the strips together, before you cut out the squares.  This way some of the assembling is already done!

Then you can work in this fashion to connect the right amount of pieces together for as many blocks as you wish.

Chain piecing works wonderfully. 

Here is a simple description of the process:

When sewing identical pieces quickly, make pairs of all the pieces that you want sewn together.  You want the edge that they will be sewn on to face the same direction.  Place them in a stack that is easy to reach and feed into your sewing machine.

Place the first pairing under the foot of the machine and sew a straight stitch.  When you reach the end let it stitch 2 to 3 more stitches before you feed the next pairing to be sewn the same way.

The feed dogs are what help you do this.

Continue in this manner until all of your paired fabrics are sewn.  Then when you’re done, just clip the tread in between the pairs and unfold.

This can be done over and over again until all your quilting blocks are assembled into a quilt top!

Machine Quilting

Using the free motion quilting method can be a really fast way to get the actual quilting done.

Meanwhile, stitching-in-the-ditch is fun and gives you a guide to work with.

Try both with different projects and see which you prefer for making a quilt at the speed of light.

Either way you choose, it won’t take long to complete the project.

Wrap Up

Quick and easy quilting can be quite enjoyable.  Experiment and play around to find what works best for you.  We’re sure you will love the journey.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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