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Primitive Quilting

“How Old is it?”

Primitive quilting is a way of creating a quilt that makes it look older.  Usually old enough to be around the colonial times. 

It is a modern way meant to create that down home country feel.

Now this may not seem very “primitive” to you.  It does to others.

For us the name creates the idea of a gorilla or caveman with a needle and thread, in hand, quilting.

Interesting image, isn’t it?

From here, we will go over the main ways to turn just about any design into a primitive country quilt.


First off what will create the feel of this type of quilt, happens to be your color choices.

Dull and muted colors work best.  They demonstrate that rustic feel.

Plaids of light blue or navy work good too.

You can always include the old country red flair as well.  You know the color that isn’t really bright.  It’s like a maroon/burgundy color.


The fabric choices for this type of quilt are typically one of 2 choices:

1.    Cotton


2.    Flannel

These two fabrics can be in the same pattern, but it is best when it is in an appliqued piece.  For instance the background fabric would be cotton.  The appliqued material would be the flannel. 

Combining the two, works well with pillows and children blankets.  Doing so creates that homey sensation we are looking for.


Keep it simple.

Stripes, stars, and checkered patterns tie into the imagery of a rural home perfectly.

Although any design can turn into a quilt to represent this method.  The simpler it is the better it will fit into the countryside culture.

Applique patterns work too.

Pieces that look like farm animals, flowers, baskets, almost anything that you would see at a 1950’s farm are best for applique work.

Also, please remember that this technique is not just for making bed quilts or wall hangings.  You can make decorations and stuffed animals with this method too.  It’s commonly used to make Christmas ornaments and things of that nature.

Wrap Up

Your imagination is your only limitation. 

If you would like to learn more about primitive quilting there is a wonderful magazine that gives lots of information and free quilting projects.  It’s called Primitive Quilts and Projects.  Clicking on the link will take you right to their website so you can learn more.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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