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Polyester Batting for Quilting

“The Man Made Answer?”

There are many benefits and draw backs to using polyester batting for quilting.

We’ll go over the pros and cons here.  Then let you know what we think is the best brand for 100% polyester batting.


There are a variety of polyester batting out on the market today.  Many of them have improvements over what this material used to be like when you worked with it. 

It typically comes in two loft sizes, low loft and high loft. 

High loft is best when making bed quilts with polyester because it’s thicker and creates a nice drape effect.

Low loft is for lightweight, low warmth, perfect for decorative type projects.  This loft usually has resins or glues keeping it together, because otherwise the stuff would beard.

What is bearding?

Think Santa Claus.

Bearding is when the fibers from the batting or filling come oozing through the fabric that surrounds it. This creates a type of effect that resembles a man’s beard. 

The benefit of polyester is that it doesn’t shrink when washed and is non-allergenic.  It also is more likely to show off your quilting stitches.

However you really have to keep an eye on what the recommended quilting distance is with this type of batting.  Some brands can only be stitched up to 2 inches apart.  While others, like Soft n Bright, can be stitches as far as 10 inches apart.  That’s a huge difference.

Polyester is a material that you want to air dry or use the lowest heat setting on your dryer.  It will dry very quickly and can get scorched.

This type of batting tends to be on the cheaper side of the price tag.  Just remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to fillers.

Best Brand?

Our favorite brand when it comes to this type of batting is Soft n Bright.

Here’s why we recommend it.

It undergoes a needling process so there are no glues or resins used.  This mean that no matter if you are quilting by hand or by machine your needles are going to hold up and your threads are less likely to break.  Stiches will glide through this material with the greatest of ease.

This brand of batting also keeps its shape over time, even though you can make your quilting stitches 10 inches apart.

We’ve also experienced no bearding using this brand of polyester.


Where can you find Soft n Bright batting?

There are several places that have it available.  Wal-Mart, Joann’s, and are at the top of our list for having it in stock and at a reasonable price.  Best of all these stores offer websites that ship the product right to your home and great guarantees.

Wrap Up

Polyester batting for quilting can be a good way to go if you get the right brand.  Stay away from the resins and glues, especially if you are hand quilting, and you’ll be good to sew.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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