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Pleasant Welcome

by Sindhuja

I remember the first day when I walked through the gates of my wife house. She had this pleasant welcome quilt. It was very attractive and very pleasant to watch.

I asked her how she did it. She just said, “It took an hour for her to designed it and 4 hours for her to execute it”.
It had many colors in it that attracted one’s eyes to it. The best part, was the flower in the middle, made with the 4 lights and 4 lotus in the outer layer.

Since I saw that quilt, a got very excited about her and started to seek her guidance for each and every thing.

Even though I tried to make quilts as she did, I failed most of the time. I then decided to work with her in making new designs.

I have kept this original quilt as one of my basic models and started to make new designs with her help.

I tried to make a copy of this quilt and succeeded. It took 3 to 4 hours for me to finish it perfectly.

This is how we make our quilts. First we have to draw the skeleton of the quilt very carefully. Then provide colors to it accordingly. We must make sure that the colors must not be repeated. Even if we color it wrongly we must be sure that it attracts more. No one should find fault in it.

After doing this quilt I felt very happy and my wife appreciated me very much. It is hard to get our appreciation from others. Hard and smart work never fails in doing so.

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