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Photo quilting really is one of the most creative ways to create a quilt to hold memories. 

This type of quilt is best for decorative purposes.  Using them for day to day use can ruin the pictures that you use because the image can wear off.

Let me show you how you can incorporate photos into your quilting.


Before you get started, decide which pictures you want to use.

Then figure out your placement.  This can be done at random, but it’s better if you have a placement idea already in mind.

Determine the size you want the images to be.  Are they going to be 4” x 4”?  That is the most common.  However you can have any size that your printer will allow.


Getting the Image on Fabric

Why does your printer determine how big you can go?

Because you are going to print the images onto your fabric with Photo Fabric.

Photo fabric can be purchase at your local fabric shop, craft shop, or Joann’s.  Most photo fabric works with inkjet printers.  Make sure it is compatible with your printer before you buy.

It’s one of the coolest inventions.  You scan the image into your computer or use a storage disc that has the pictures you want to use. 

Then find the images and print the pictures onto this special type of fabric.

The fabric comes in many different forms, including silk.  I suggest 100% cotton canvas, as it will give you less problems.  It will also hold up over a longer period of time.

To put the image onto the photo fabric, please follow the directions.  It’s different for each brand.

This usually involves printing the picture onto the fabric. Letting it dry. Then rinsing the fabric till the leftover ink is out of it.  Letting it dry again.  The last step is to iron the material.


Put It Together

Once you have your placement in mind and your photos on the fabric, it’s time to put it all together.

Cut your fabric pieces down to the size and shape you desire.  This is usually done in squares, but it’s ok to break the rules. ;)

Sew the top together the way you would any other quilt.

The only difference between the way to quilt this type of keepsake and any other is that you must not quilt over that actual image.  If you do, it can distort the image.

We all want pretty quilts.  The easiest way to keep the images beautiful is to keep your stitches away from the image and have the quilt be a work of art like a wall-hanging.

This will keep the quilting blocks and pictures in the best condition possible.

Wrap up

There you have it. A photo quilting masterpiece.  I hope you enjoyed. 

As always please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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