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Patriotic Quilts

“Hero’s Welcome!”

Patriotic quilts are a wonderful way to welcome a warrior home.

They defended our freedom.  Now is a perfect time to show our appreciation.

Here we will discuss quilting ideas for our loved ones coming home and those that unfortunately have not.


There are so many different ways to make a quilt to show our pride.  This makes it hard to decide on a pattern.

Any quilting pattern can be turned into a quilt to salute our brave soldiers.

It’s all in the colors.  The fabrics you choose will allow you to incorporate the joy of having your loving fighter back home.

For instance red, white, and blue can be chosen for our American crusaders.

Although, please remember that heroes come from everywhere. 

Patriots come from all walks of life and countries.

A quilt to celebrate patriotism can represent any country you want.  It’s up to you to decide which country you’re commemorating.



One of the easiest ways to make a quilt for this or for any quilting project would be to use quilting blocks.

Squares that include designs similar to your country’s flag are wonderful.  They would make piecing it straightforward.

As an example, patterns that have strips and/or stars for Americans works really well.

 Of course working with applique is an option too.

If you find applique work easy for you, there can be several more ways of creating a masterpiece.

For instance, pieces that are unusual shapes can be overlaid on top of a specific background to represent your country’s flag even more so.

It’s all up to you.


You Are Not Forgotten

Unfortunately, defending our freedom comes at a cost.

Prisoners of war and those missing in action are our payment for freedom.

To make a memorial quilt of this nature, one can approach it from the following ways:

·         Have your quilt contain the P.O.W./ M.I.A. flag

·         Find quilting fabric that has this image as part of its print

·         Find a fleece blanket with the image and make it the center piece of your quilt

·         Use the iron on for t-shirts to put it on your quilt fabric

·         Make a photo quilt

There is no wrong way to make this quilt if your heart guides you to it.


Wrap Up

Patriotic quilts are an excellent way to remember those that are not coming home and for the warriors that are lucky enough to once again be in our arms.

Treat each day as a gift and celebrate it with those closest to you.

Happy quilting, 

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