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Organizing the Quilting Stash

“Spring Cleaning Year Around”

We all run in to problems as we’re organizing the quilting stash.  Mostly, it’s just knowing where to begin that gets us to put it off for a while. 

Ok maybe longer than a couple of days.  The days become weeks.   Weeks turn into months.  Before you know it a few years have gone by and the sewing area is now a mess seemingly beyond repair.

This is the thread where you can share your tips and how you got all your supplies arranged.

Here you will find information on what is appropriate to post and if this thread is the right place to tell your particular story.  We’ll even show an example of a proper post.

Posts That Belong

Anything that is related to your sewing, craft supplies, and organizing the quilting stash belongs on this thread.  How you did it or asking for help in how to get started are perfect topics for this place.

Here are a few additional ideas for this topic.

  • What type of storage to use
  • Where are you putting materials
  • The best way to store fabric
  • What do you do with all of the different threads
  • Is there a special place for certain materials
  • How to store or display quilts

This in no way limits you to just these ideas.  As long as its quilting, sewing, or craft related the subject belongs to this thread. 

Doesn’t Belong

Even if a story is about organizing, it might not be appropriate for this thread or for this site.  If you tips are on how to organize your underwear drawer, it doesn’t belong here or on this website.

Please respect that.  Any post that is not on the topic of organizing the quilting stash will be deleted or moved to a more proper place.

Abide by the guidelines and you’ll be golden.

Here’s an example of a typical post to this thread.


Here is the story of how I finally got around to organizing the quilting stash after 5 years of not getting around to it.

I had fabric everywhere.  My finished projects were all over the house.  My thread was all scattered about the closet shelving and my unfinished projects were under the clothes that needed to be mended.

It’s easier to start a new project because it’s fun. 

The urge to finally clean all of this mess finally hit me when I couldn't even find the new fabrics that I bought the day before.

I needed ideas though on where to put things and how to store fabric and thread so it wouldn't get ruined.  Not like it’s current places were doing it any good.

I decided to take a trip to my local Walmart.  This would give me ideas on storage containers and I could pick some up to start the project.

I found a few totes that I could keep the finished quilts in when they were not in use.  I picked a different color for the projects that are in the works.

When I went to the sporting goods department I saw little storage keepers with individual compartment dividers that were the perfect thread size.  I figured I better get this too so that my thread doesn't unravel as it’s resting in a “caboodle”

It was a good idea too.  There is nothing worst that stepping on a thread in bare feet and having it move with you room to room as it unwinds itself.  Trust me it feels really weird and I hate having to wind it back up again. 

There was what looked like a plastic chest of drawers that would be perfect for my fabric.  I bought it too.  There were only 3 drawers to it, but it was more affordable for now than any of the bigger ones.  I figured that I could put the dark colors in one drawer, light colors in another, and the last drawer could be my scraps.

Once I brought all of the organization containers home, I started placing my supplies in their proper places.  This made the job really easy and fast.  I thought it was going to take forever.

I have a really big sewing table that it used to be the dining table before we replaced it.  I found that just about all of the storage bins and keepers could fit perfectly under the table.  The only thing that couldn’t was the dresser.  That was alright though because it fit nicely beside the table for easy access.

There you have it.  Everything is in its right place and I don’t have string winding around in strange places.

Wrap Up

What are your tips and stories about organizing the stash?  Post your story, questions and share with the rest of us.  Just use the form below.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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