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Organized Quiting Stash

by Kathleen
(Sheffield, Ohio, USA)

Organizing your quilting stash so everything is visible and all in one place is of the utmost importance. For myself, that meant restructuring one of the short walls in my sewing room. My woodworking friend installed a block of three wall units with the outside cases having six shelves each. The inner unit had two shelves at the top and then two closet rods, 36” apart, one above the other. To the shelves, he added runners with sliding “bookends” so the spacing on each shelf could be adjustable. He had made a thread spool holder that would pull out for easy access to thread stored in the back rows. He finished it off by adding Plexiglas doors to the front of each unit.

Each of the outside units held all my materials sorted by color and by print or solid. The slides kept the stacks of rolled material neat and tidy. The two shelves above the rods were for specialty fabrics like velvets, laces, satins and antique material. I hung my long lengths of fabrics on hangers and put them on the closet rods, also sorted by color. Batting and fiberfill went on top of the cabinets. The bottom of the shelves held baskets and clear plastic containers for odds and ends such as templates and quit books.

This arrangement works very well for me. The clear doors kept everything free from any dust, as well as letting me see at a glance what my fabric inventory was. I am very happy with the result.

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