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Online Quilting Class

“Fall in Love with Sewing Machine Quilting!”
Part 2

Online quilting classes are a wonderful way to learn different quilting techniques at a time and place that is convenient for when you want to learn them.

You could always start watching and when the kids come rushing in it can be paused.

The class can be stopped, rewound, and resumed as needed.  No more missing the important stuff!

Best of all, they are an awesome way to fall back in love with your sewing machine!

This review is part 2 of the class Design it, Quilt It:  Free-Form Techniques with Cindy Needham.

This class covers a lot.

That's why we've broken it down into easier sections.

In last month covered the first 4 lessons.

Now we’ll cover the next 4.

Remember Why This Online Quilting Class

Have you fallen out of love with your sewing machine?

Tired of hand quilting?

Buying a big expensive machine is inconvenient, costly, and will consume up too much room!

This quilting class will help you fall back in love with your home sewing machine for quilting.

Since this class is so jam-packed with information and a lot of lessons, we're going to break down our review into sections.

Our first review covered lesson 1 - 4.

This review is breakdown of the 5 - 8 of the 11 lessons:

Lesson 5 - Stencils

Cindy Needham teaches us not only how to use a stencil, but also how to break it down.

Once you see her explain it, the imagination is set free.

Then she shows how to take bits and pieces of several stencils and put them together to make one of a kind creations!

She also discusses what other supplies you may need.

Lesson 6 - Medallions

This lesson is essential if you like to make whole cloth quilts.  

Cindy teaches how the quilting can take center stage even if the quilt top is one that has been pieced together.  

We now have a new favorite technique for whole cloth quilting because of this lesson! 

It becomes fast and effortless due to these techniques!

Lesson 7 - Design Basics

This lesson teaches us how to hide piecing mistakes with our quilting.

Cindy goes over how to place your stitches to get the best desired effect onto your quilt.

She also explains the basics for using a quilting stencil and some tips for when you make your own. ;)

Where does inspiration come from?

Cindy explains what inspires her and give some tips to spark the viewer's.

Lesson 8 - The Basic Three

Don’t have a stencil?

You won’t need one with the basic three designs Cindy shows you.

These awesome creations are perfect on their own or used as an excellent filler pattern.

We’re particularly fond of the S-curve designs and how they make amazingly lovely feathers.

Feathers have always had a tender spot in our heart, but now that place has grown because of this particular lesson.

Wrap Up

This online quilting class is a rather long and involved one so we're watching and reviewing it in sections to give it proper justice.

Next month we’ll review lessons 9 - 11. 

We loved the first 8 and feel like we already got our money's worth!

The last lessons will sure to be having us chomping at the bit to start our next quilting project.

Why don't you join us in class?

This class, Design it, Quilt It:  Free-Form Technique, is backed by The Craftsy Guarantee.

You can watch classes whenever you want.  That can be late at night or early in the morning with your kitty slippers on.

You can pause or stop that class as needed and go back to it at your convenience.

Access never expires, too!

So, treat yourself!  You're worth it!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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