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Online Quilting Class

“Fall in Love with Sewing Machine Quilting!”

Online quilting classes are a convenient and economical way to learn different quilting techniques when you want to learn them.

Best of all, they are an excellent way to learn something new or fall back in love with your sewing machine!

This review is of the class Design it, Quilt It:  Free-Form Techniques with Cindy Needham.

Why This Online Quilting Class

Have you fallen out of love with your sewing machine?

Tired of hand quilting?

Buying a big expensive machine is inconvenient, costly, and will consume up too much room!

This quilting class will help you fall back in love with your home sewing machine for quilting.

Since this class is so jam-packed with information and a lot of lessons, we're going to break down our review into sections.

Lesson 1 - The Introduction

This is where you find out more about Cindy Needham, who is teaching the class.

This instructor has been quilting for over 45 years.  She makes the class very laid back and easy to follow.

We'll admit that there are times when she's a little too relaxed going over the basics and we got impatient.

But she goes over these basics for quilters that don't know all of them.  Even we learned somethings we didn't know before.

It fuels the fire to move on to the new information and techniques!

Lesson 2 - Pin Basting

Now even though this lesson’s title is pin basting, this lesson shows you a whole lot more than just basting with pins.

Cindy has some ingenious ways to get your quilt lined up with ease. 

It’s genial to your back and knees more so than the typical way most quilters are taught to make the quilting sandwich.

She shows using quilting pins (those safety pin looking things), explains the size to use and why that size.

Other basting techniques can be used, but we highly recommend the way she makes the quilting cookie. ;)

Lesson 3 - Threads and Tension

This lesson was short compared to lesson 2, but we learned more than we anticipated in this lesson.

She covers things about thread that we’ve never heard explained before and goes over troubleshooting techniques that are hardly ever discussed.

Did you know that tread behavior can be different depending on how it was originally spun?

It will save so much time and frustration the next time the threads break!

Lesson 4 - Techniques and Tools

We’re getting into the actual quilting with this lesson.


Cindy explains how to set up your work area so that the body doesn’t get fatigued too quickly.


When your body starts to hurt, quilting is no longer a fun enjoyable hobby.  It’s work, a chore that has to be done.


Avoid that feeling at all cost.  We’ve been there.  There used to be several months to a year gaps between quilting in our early years.


She also goes over how to start a quilt off right before you get to the fun quilting designs you want the quilt to have.

Wrap Up

This online quilting class is a rather long and involved one so we're watching and reviewing it in sections.

Next month we’ll review lessons 5 -8.

If they are like the first 4, we’re sure to learn and be more inspired!

We can’t wait!

Why don't you join us in class?

This class, Design it, Quilt It:  Free-Form Technique, is backed by The Craftsy Guarantee.

You can watch classes whenever you want.  That can be late at night or early in the morning with your kitty slippers on.

You can pause or stop that class as needed and go back to it at your convenience.

Access never expires, too!

So, treat yourself!  You're worth it!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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