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Novelty Quilting Fabric

“Cute and Cuddly”

Novelty quilting fabric isn’t just for adults to have a particular quilting motif.  It’s perfect for kid quilts as well.

We’ll go over some quick and simple ways to make this type of material a wonderful alley in your next quilting project. 

Then we’ll give you a free crib size quilting pattern to help make this project easier for you.


Most quilters use novelty fabric to make a quilting motif out of a quick quilt design.  Doing this is simple and easy.  It’s takes the stress right out of trying to do something the receiver of the gift will love.

This is particularly useful when the person who is getting the quilt is a tween or teenager. 

It’s personally helped us with our rock star enthusiast 10 year old.

Here’s a picture of the whole cloth quilt that we made for her.

Her favorite colors are red and black, but it is widely known that if she just got a quilt that was red and black, she wouldn’t have loved it as much as this one.

She’s had this quilt for over 4 years and it’s still a treasured as much as when she unwrapped it on Christmas day.

This is great for an older kid, but what about a new baby?

Continue on and we’ll give you a free crib size quilt pattern that is perfect to make a quilt intended as a baby shower gift.

Easy Design for Novelty Quilting Fabric 

One of the simplest ways to make novelty fabric stand out is to have its pieces bigger than the rest on your quilt top.

The above picture is an example of this style in the size of a crib quilt.

You can get your own free copy of this pattern by going to our Craftsy store, here.

Here is what you need in order to use the pattern to make a beautiful quilt for a wee little one.


What do you need to make this pattern?

These are the amounts of the materials that are needed if your fabric is 40 inches wide:

  • Novelty Fabric 1 ¼ yards
  • Pink Fabric ½ yard
  • Light Green ½ yard
  • Purple Fabric 1/8 yard
  • Dark Green 3/8 yard

You will also need:

  • Needle/sewing machine and thread
  • Rotary cutter and self-healing mat
  • A printer to print out the directions

Get your free copy of this pattern here.


Once you have your copy of this pattern, cut out the needed pieces as directed.

Then it’s time to get either the sewing machine out or prep your hands for some hard work if you’re piecing this together without the machine.

Now it’s time to put the pieces together.

It’s best to work from the center out this this design.

Start with one of the large middle squares.  It should be the novelty fabric. Then sew on the pink rectangles.

Once that is completed, stitch on the small purple squares.  To make it easier for you, when it comes to the corner edge, leave a ¼ inch.  Then turn your work to stitch the other edge of the square to the rectangle.

Continue to work in this manner until the basic quilt top is complete.

Now that the top is complete, it's time to trim off the excess triangles to make this quilt rectangular in shape.

The leftover triangles can but save for a different project you can try later!

Then it’s time to add the borders.  

They can also be made with novelty quilting fabric for an extra special touch!

First, sew on the short inner borders to the top and bottom.

Second, attach the long inner boarders to the sides of the quilt top.

Now it’s time for the outer borders.  Do these the same way as the others were done, short ones to the top and bottom, long ones to the sides.

Voilà, the quilt top is complete!

Finish you quilt by making your quilting sandwich.  Quilt it using your preferred method, such as stitching in the ditch, free motion, etc.  Bind it and your good to go. 

Wrap Up

Novelty quilting fabric can really save the day and a delightful smile as you give your heartwarming gift.  We hope you enjoy working with our free crib quilt pattern.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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