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My Quilted Gift

I had some wonderful a neighbors in my hometown. They had become close personal friends to our family. Since my grandparents lived on the other side of the state, I had adopted them as my unofficial grandparents for everyday life.

Mary and Kenneth had an incredible impact on me in my formidable years. I partly credit them for the person I turned out to be today.

Of the many, many interests that the three of us shared together, we loved warm weather and traditional country/bluegrass music.

Mary and Kenneth traveled every winter to summer in Florida and parts of my extended family lived in the Carolinas. Often, we would talk about the beach in the spring before it had warmed up or when the weather started to get chilly in the fall. We all felt a connection to the sea and longed to be there.

Kenneth and I had a shared passion for the greats - Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Roger Miller. We would sit and listen to Kenneth's old records for hours.

When I graduated high school, and time came for me to head off on my own, Mary and Kenneth presented me with one of my most favorite gifts ever. I was a beautiful handmade quilt that combined our love of the beach and country music.

My quilt is in storage now, but this writing contest has reminded me of that quilt and how I need to get it out on display.

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