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Mother's Quilt

by Amala

The word quilting somehow makes one remember GRANNY and olden days. I especially feel good, happy, and rejuvenated hearing the word quilting. Quilting has a very important hidden goodness in it. It’s like writing history in clothes and left to posterity.

The only qualification to quilt is that it requires interest and to be a little creative and have great respect, love and affection for the near and dear ones.

Quilting is usually done with used cloths to cherish forever the golden moments it held. Seeing the beautiful colorful pieces it brings back the memory of the past. The memory the quilt brings is always affectionate and cozy.
Quilts depict the love behind it and the hard work involved in it.

My hat’s off to our ancestors who found out how to quilt and showed the coming generations how to hold on to the good memories. The memories of the loved ones we have with caring. They did this by being a little creative, though there were no cameras or videos to capture the moments and treasure the yester years!

Applause is a must for their creative thinking!!
They made my job very easy. I am just discovering the art of quilting and what our ancestors left behind. Apart from quilting pillow covers and tablecloths, I thought of quilting a bed spread for my bed. I want to always feel the warmth and love of my MOTHER. She has cuddled me from the first day when I came to this earth and till now. The feeling has not changed.

So I took her parrot green silk sari and quilted it placing sponge in the middle. It really looks royal, cozy, comfortable, and safe.

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