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Mother and Daughter Throw-Away Project

by Ramona Harja
(Iasi, Iasi, Romania)

One day my mother and I decided to clean up the house. And I don’t mean just dusting off things. I mean the kind of cleaning where you throw away loads of old stuff that aren’t useful anymore.

In the process, we filled some bags with a lot of old shirts and dresses. I also found an old box full of different colored buttons.

Before throwing everything out, I had an idea. Why don’t we make a quilt? So we started working on it.

I made equally large square cutouts out of every shirt and dress and paired them up with a differently colored buttons. Mom specializes in sewing so I puzzled every piece up and she sewed them together.

We wanted to make it thicker so we put an old woolen blanket in between the square colored puzzle and a simple white sheet, making it into a warmth keeping “sandwich”. Then we bordered everything with some white sheet remains.

The quilt was kind of loose but it was put together nicely by the buttons, keeping it tight all over its surface.

I love the quilt. It was a really nice project that mom and I put up together. The full coloring of the quilt brings a nice smile to one’s face. I keep it on my bed now. Each and every day, it rests there. Except the washing day. ;)

I love it and I probably won’t give it away, if I ever do.

That’s how what could have been junk turned into a lovely little quilt.

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