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Making A Gun Case

"Quilted Protection for a Rifle (part 1)"

Ever wanted to tackle the project of making a gun case?

We weren’t sure if it was a good idea, but we’re sure glade we did.

Whether you interested in making one for yourself or as a gift, we have the skills to show you how it’s done.

Let us walk you through how we made our own and the lessons we learned for tips to make it easier on you.

The Case

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why did this even come up?”

Well, the man of the house got a new rifle this year and wanted to keep his current case.  Meanwhile, it meant I inherited his 30.06.  It happens to be one that I suggested was mine when he first got it. ;)

So, there’s a rifle with no case.  You need a case for easy transportation.  Not to mention, this is the first year my eldest daughter and I are going hunting.

A new rifle case became a necessity.

There’s a limited supply of cases for rifles in our area.  It was even harder to find one that would fit our 30.06 with a scope and bipod.

The dilemma was to either make one or special order it.

We decided to make this special case, just in time for hunting.

Making a Gun Case:  Materials

To start this endeavor, it’s best to begin with making a template.

For us that meant tracing the previous case onto some cardboard.  Then allow for a 2 inch grace.

Why 2 inches?

Because not only is the outer and inner layers going to be sewing together, but there will be padding in between and a zipper.

Zippers can take up a lot of grace!

Once that’s done, then the next step is choosing your materials.

The outer fabric needs to be sturdy and weather resistant.  Any fabric can be more water resistant by using weather proofing sprays, but you want this thing to be able to stand the test of time.

This can be woven fabric or imitation leather.  We opted for the leather look.

The inner fabric needs to be genital, strong, and won’t snag on the gunstock or barrel.  For this we found twill material to be a good choice.

Now for the padding.

Think of a heavy yet delicate piece of metal.  It needs to be protected, especially if it can go boom!

Batting can be used for the padding, but most long lasting cases tend to use foam.  Foam is more condensed for impact, and yet it’s very lightweight.

1 inch foam can easily be found at your local craft store or Walmart.

Lastly, you’ll need 1-2 zippers.  You’ll need two if you can’t find a zipper that is long enough to go the length of the case.

Once you have your materials it’s time to get started.

To Be Continued...

Stay Tuned!

In Part 2 of Making A Gun Case, we will be going over how to make the body of this case.

Gather your materials so you can take the steps of assembly with us!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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