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Have you ever wanted to make money online, work from home, or start your own business?

Just not sure how to start it AND be successful?

I've tried several home based businesses that had temporary results for a month or two.

At the time, there just weren't any real long term rewards, sustainability, or any real training involved.

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Then something wonderful happened.

I found out the right way to do it!

Here's what I found out when it's done the correct way:

  • My website’s popularity keeps growing and so does the income!
  • After a while, I only need to work when we want to!  
  • My family can go on vacation whenever we want!
  • Want to know the best part? I’m the one who profits, for the rest of my life, from the work done today. Not a boss, or a company, or anyone else. I’m finally working for my own benefit, and my family's!
  • On top of all that, I've connected with a worldwide community of like-minded people. My website has connected with people from all around the globe!

Make Money Online - How It Started for Me

Let me tell you the journey of how this website became a reality and why.

I promise it won’t be a long story and it has a happy ending.

I was working hard for a corporation and saw a long-term career with them.  I worked long hours, usually 12 hours a day 6 days a week.  Lunches, breaks, what are those? 

Unfortunately, my 4 kids (ages 2 to 9 years old at the time) only got to see me around 30 minutes a day.  My husband had it even worst off, because we only got to see each other in passing or on the one day off we had together after he woke up. 

Working over nights, so that I could work days, really sucked for him.  )To this day, I'm not sure how he did it for so long and kept sane!)

I felt like I was neglecting my children and my marriage.  But I also felt that all the hard work I was doing was for my family’s benefit.

Then I lost my job.  I went from being the bread winner (making more than my husband working retail), to feeling completely useless. 

My family and I decided that I would go back to staying home.  My husband would go back to working days and we would have a normal routine again. 

Everyone was happy, but me.

I felt worthless.  I wasn't contributing anymore.  Financially, everything rested on my husband's shoulders.  For a family of six, that's just about the weight of the world and he was doing it with a job that he despised for over 11 years!

For 6 months, I was in a downward spiral.  Lack of money was becoming a severe problem.  The worse it got, the more horrible I felt. 

I decided that I couldn’t take it any longer.  I had to do something to feel productive and to help with my family’s dwindling finances.

That’s when I found something wonderful, the light at the end of the horrific tunnel.

My passion was brought back for this wonderful hobby. Best of all, I was helping others again and our money worries had gone away; because I now make money online from the comfort of my home.

I even found that this experience has bonded my family more closely together.  Everyone tends to get in on the action.

They all come up with their own ideas on what to do next.

It's even inspired my husband to follow his own dreams!  

He's no longer in retail.  

The confidence he gained from this whole experience helped him to achieve his dream career!

That is what SBI! has done for little old me and my wonderful family.

Not Sure If You Can Have a Successful Online Business?

It's really not brain surgery to make your own web site, and make money on the net. Just use the right tools, follow the right rules, and you can do this too.

SBI! provides both the tools and the "rules" (the education to get you going on the right path)!

All you need is the will power, and something you're interested in.

It doesn't even need to be something you know a lot about . . . as long as it's something that inspires you to want to learn more!

You can create a successful website and make money online too.

You Can Do It Too!

What can SBI! do for you?

It can change your life too!  But don’t just take my word for it.  Check out these case studies to find out how their lives have changed.

There's a Perfect Website Inside You Just Begging to Come Out

Everyone has something they know about.

And other people want to know what you know!

Why not make money online sharing your knowledge?  People do it all the time.

Here's an example: Google or Bing something that you love.

Thousands of websites pop up, right? Maybe even millions. If you like it, you can bet, a whole lot of other people are too.

People are just waiting for someone, like you, to tell them more about it.

If I can make money online with a successful website about quilting, just imagine what you could do for an online business, with your hobby, specialty, or area of interest! 

You don't even have to sell anything. Just offer information on whatever interests you. Let Google's Ads and other affiliates do the rest.

Your opportunities are limitless.

SBI! Took me by the hand and guided me upon the correct path.  They can do this for you too!

Still have questions?  Get specific answers here.

SBI! Questions

Is Time Holding You Back?

Perhaps what's holding you back is that you think you don't have the time available to invest in making your own quality website.  

You spend all of your time working for someone else or chasing around the kiddos.  That will wipe anyone out!

That's why SBI has a solution for that too!

Let their experts make your perfect website.  You get all of the credit without having to do all of the work.


Find out more about what services are available for you here.

Wrap Up

This section has been started because I want to help you start your own website, and more than that. I want to help you make money online! This is one of the best opportunities for ordinary people to create an ongoing, passive income. Getting paid, even when you're not working.

That’s why Solo Build It shares with you and me some of the tips and insights they've gained.

Here's to your ongoing, online success!

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