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Machine Quilting Made Easy

“5 Tips to be Smooth”

Learn how machine quilting made easy can help you.

This page is intended for the beginning quilter who wants to learn how to use a machine to quilt.  Even though these are tips for beginners, advanced quilters will take away something from this information too. 

At the least it’s a good review and you never know when you’re going to learn something new.


  • Read the owner’s manual to your machine.  You’ll be amazed at all the things your machine can do.
  • Practice, practice, practice.  Each machine is an individual.  The more you play with yours the more you can predict what it will do. 

For instance, if one manually reverses a stitch with our machine and goes to use the cut thread option button, our machine takes two more stitches before it cuts the thread.  If we stitch to exactly where we want and use the same cut thread button, the thread is cut right then and there.

  •  Go slow.  As a beginner it’s better to keep your movements slow, especially the stitches, until you get a real comfortable feeling with your machines abilities. 

If you start out at a faster pace, the machine stitches and movements can really get away from you.  It feels like a bucking bronco on an 8 second ride.  That’s not good!

  • When using a machine to quilt, roll up the sections of the material you are not using.  If it is helpful for you, masking tape can be used to hold the roll in place.  It will give you less drag and more control over what you are doing.
  • Make sure you know exactly where to stitch.  When using a machine, we all seem to develop tunnel vision.  Make sure you have a guide clearly marked out.  This can be done with a marking utensil of your choice or by stitching in the ditch.

Wrap Up

There you have it.  5 Tips for machine quilting made easy.  Follow these basic rules and play with your machine.  Get a feel for how it rolls and you will be gliding works of art through it with the best of them.

Until next time.

Happy quilting, 

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