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Machine Quilting Designs

“Patterns and Designs”

We have several machine quilting designs for you.  Some of these free quilting patterns may be used for hand quilting.  However, implementing your machine will create less of a challenge for those with limited time.

Here you will find a wealth of information for your quilting crafts.  We even have a free pattern for a table runner!

Where to Start with Machine Quilting Designs

Although it’s hard to know where to begin we’ll give you some help in deciding.

Are you interested in learning a simple way to string quilt?  It’s a very effective way to use your leftover scraps.  You can even make quilting blocks this way.


Do you want some quilting ideas for Celtic quilting patterns?

We even have intricate designs for block quilting that can be used for making several types of quilts, even a puppy themed one.  A baby quilting pattern is just one of them.

Applique is a wonderful way to save time piecing together a top especially with our ladybug design.  However, it is so much easier to do using your machine.  Try our fire cross for a layered effect.

That's why we include several applique patterns free for quilting on this site.  This yin yang design might be just what you need.  We even give you the moon and stars.

Does the boarders or corners of your quilt look bare?  Try our simple free Celtic knot to finish it off.

Need a project for a table runner?  We’ve got a quilting pattern for a table runner.

Perhaps you prefer the ease of applique?  Then try out this elegant peacock feather applique pattern.

I see foundation quilting patterns in your future.  Try this free heart pattern to use this technique or the round table pattern to practice curves and circles.

Looking for something a little different?  Check out our cute skull applique.

We’ll include free machine quilting designs with continuous line patterns too.

More Ideas

Do you need more ideas?

Check out some of our topics in machine quilting.  Though most of these ideas don’t have actual patterns, they do give you the basics to come up with your own designs.

For instance continuous line quilting will show you how to do free motion quilting in the form of stippling.  It is one of the few ways to quilt without having an absolute design.  There is even a free pattern to try out!

If you would like some free continuous line patterns to try out go here.

Wrap Up

There is all this and more. 

Take a look around.

Click on any of these links of machine quilting patterns and we’ll take you on a journey of creativity. 

It’s hard to find the time for them all.  Using your machine will help conserve your valuable time.  It also means you’ll have freed up your schedule for more projects. ;)

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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