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Long Arm Quilting Machine

“The Sweet Sixteen”

Have you been dreaming of having a long arm quilting machine?

Do you enjoy free motion quilting?

Want to be able to quilt large projects?

Feeling cramped and frustrated on a home sewing machine?

We found the solution and so can you!

The Perfect Sit-down Long Arm Quilting Machine

When you are breaking away from using a traditional sewing machine there are certain features you want to be able to have in your next machine.

The Sweet Sixteen has the following features that you want to consider having.

Top of our priority list is the ability to sit down while quilting. 

Back ache from standing isn’t fun and neither is hunching over causing a pain in the neck.

The table that comes with the Handi Quilter’s Sweet Sixteen is height adjustable.  It’s perfect for quilters that are shorter and those that are tall like the people in our household.

We also like the fact that with this machine you are still moving the fabric, not a bulky machine to place the stitches where you want them.

It can be very awkward going from a home sewing machine to a long arm quilting machine.  The idea of holding your machine by handles and having no contact with the materials that are actually being quilted sounds extremely foreign.

Once you become comfortable with the idea of handles on your machine, this option is available for the Sweet Sixteen.  Along with this option, there is also framework and a computer package to transform your machine to a true long arm machine.

That makes it perfect for breaking into this way of quilting.

Now seriously the biggest reason for wanting to switch machines is to have the ability to quilt larger projects.

Being stuck with the limited space to quilt up to full size or queen sized bed quilts can be very limiting.

When it comes to bed quilts, most people want to have a queen, king, California king, or larger.  You just can’t do this on a home sewing machine and make it look consistently smooth.

The Sweet Sixteen has that name because of the neck size of the machine.  There is 16 inches of throat space in the neck of the machine. 


Now for the specifics that every quilter wants to know about any machine they are considering.

This machine takes the M class bobbins and has a heavy duty bobbin winder included!  Talk about convenient.

The speed on the Sweet Sixteen can stitch up to 1500 stitches per minute.  The speed is completely dependent on your choosing.  You can work as slow or fast as you desire.

The table that comes with this machine is 30 x 36 inches. It’s perfect for small working spaces.

Extensions for the table are also available!  They extend the table by 18 inches and can be place on both sides, giving you a total of 36 more inches to work with!

The LED light ring allows for more light, which completely avoids eye strain.

Want quick basting?

This machine comes with 4 basting stitch options built right in.

The color touch-screen monitor controls are easy to understand and operate.

It’s also manufactured and assembled right here in the USA.  On top of that, each machine is tested before it’s shipped!

The Optional Musts

There are a few optional items for the Sweet Sixteen that we consider necessities.

First and foremost, is the TruStitch stitch regulator. 

This item is truly awesome!  Imagine having the capability to move the quilting cookie (sandwich) and have perfect stitches because the machine moves as you do.  That is exactly what the TruStitch does!

Watch this quick video to see how it happens!

The second item is highly recommended.  The table overlay creates a continuously smooth and even working space.  It works wonderfully with the TruStitch!

Want to have the maximum space to work in?

Then the 2 table extensions are perfect for you.  They will help create the ideal area to make excellent quilts.  Combine them with the table overlay and you have made a heavenly place to create.

The least important option worth mentioning is the open toe hopping foot.  This foot helps keep the fabric in place during a full stitch cycle.  If you are quilting using the optional handlebars than is an option you might consider. 

Wrap Up

Clicking on the link will take you to where you'll get the best price and support for this machine!

Move on up from the classic home sewing machine to the ideal transitional long arm quilting machine with the Sweet Sixteen.

Your quilts are sure to thank you!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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