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Long Arm Quilting Machine and Frame

“Our Favorite!”

Looking for a long arm quilting machine and frame?

Here we’ll let you know what our favorite combo is when starting out with a long arm machine and why.

We did our research, and on the previous page we let you know what to look for when you research on your own.

Our Favorite Long Arm Quilting Machine and Frame

Does this look like what you’re looking for?

We already let you know that there are economical choices available, but that’s not why this is our favorite machine for long arm quilting.

The Upgraded Top of the Line 18” is a lot like the Tin Lizzie Ram.  The biggest difference it the affordability.

We prefer the ram horn design, because it’s more comfortable for us.  If that’s something that doesn’t matter to you, they do have the basic model available here.

This version also has and LED light that lights up the space better than an adjustable lamp.

The rear handle bars come standard with this machine.  They’re perfect for using pantographs from the back of the machine.

There is an easy to read LCD screen for your controls that is in the perfect control position.  That way it is always where you need it.

The cables that come with the Upgraded Top of the Line 18” also lock into place.  That helps to eliminate loose cords and frustrating troubleshooting later on.

One of the great things about using this machine instead of your home sewing machine is that the bobbin itself is larger so you doing have to stop for bobbin changes as often. 

That’s a real time saver!

It also has a bobbin winder built into the machine for convenience.

This device is also quilting robot ready.  If you are ever ready to let a robot do the quilting for you, then you can upgrade at any time with this machine!

We'll get into quilting robots later.

The GQ Grace Company Quilting Frame

This frame is sturdy! 

It is steel construction, so it’s heavier, but durable.

Quilting frames made out of wood, just don't hold up that well over time.

We like the fact that it will stand the test of time and will hold up to anything you weigh it down with!

The GQ has a dual-wheel track system for the carriage part of this quilting frame.  That’s where your quilting machine sits.  This allows the carriage to glide as you quilt, making more precise stitches.

The frame allows you to make crib to king size quilts without basting! No muss, no fuss!

This frame also comes with the beloved fourth rail system to keep your batting from dragging on the floor.

The take-up rail is also easy to maneuver with the handy hand wheel.

It also has height adjustable legs with leveling feet.  This is an absolute must if you are tall like us (5’10” and 6’4”), or shorter like my quilting preteen. (She’s currently 5’4”.)

Wrap Up

There you have it, our favorite long arm quilting machine and frame combo.  You can find it here at SewingMachinesPlus.

When the machine and frame are purchased together you get a discount.  They also offer financing with 0% interest.

We’ll be looking at other more expansive machines to let you know about, but for the price, this one can’t be beat!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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