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Long Arm Quilting Machine

“Ready to Quilt Like a Pro?”

Think you’re ready to quilt on a long arm quilting machine?

Are you fed up with quilting on your home sewing machine?

We can relate!

While quilting on a home sewing machine can be economical, it can also be frustrating. The stitches don’t always come out as perfect as we’d like. 

The quilting cookie can also be cumbersome.

Hand quilting can be satisfying but very slow going.

We quilters like to see the fruits of our labor quickly.  We also thrive on having a finished project that looks perfect.

Now the question is, “How do I evolve” and “What machine is right for me?”

That’s usually followed by, “Can I afford it?”

We’re going to keep answering these questions as we explain what we believe to be the best way to proceed.

Sit down or Stand Up?

First we’re going to have you ask yourself a few more questions.

Can you stand relatively in one place for 30 minutes or longer?

If your answer is no, but you still want to long arm quilt, it would be beneficial to look at quilting robots. QBot is a good example of one that quilters all over prefer.

Do you prefer to sit down and hover over your project?

What space do you have available?

Does the thought of having your fabric stationary while moving a machine around intimidate you or does it make you sigh in relief?

These questions will give you a good place to begin your researching journey.

If having a sit down long arm machine is more appealing to you, than check out this page where we review our favorite sit down device.

However, if the image of no longer man-handling your quilting sandwich while placing your quilting stitches makes you smile, then this is the review for you.

How We Began the Journey for the Affordable Long Arm Quilting Machine

If you’re beginning to break away from using your home sewing machine to quilt and want to go to a long arm machine, then you’re taking the same journey as we are.

While recovering from surgery, we decided to finish a project that we’ve been working on. 

Unfortunately, the quilt turned out to be larger than intended.  This made it quite a bit more heavy than anticipated.  So, it had to be put off again, until the weight restriction after surgery was lifted.

As soon as that restriction was no in place, we started tackling this monstrosity again.

The monstrosity in question is larger than a California King.  What else would you call it?

Moving around all that material was a massive headache.

The darn thing wouldn't fit in our sewing machine without being extremely labor intensive, so our hand quilting skills were put to work.

That’s what got us thinking.  We’ll more like day dreaming.

There has got to be a better way!

We’ve seen long arm quilting machines, but can they even be affordable to the household user?

While doing some research the answer is a wonderful YES!

There are affordable options out there now and some places offer payment plans.

Sewing Machines Plus offer’s 0% interest on some of their quilting machines.  They also have a large selection of machines and frames to choose from.

The long arm quilting machine that we fell in love with, is also available with a Grace Company quilting frame included!

So what do you need to look for while doing your own research?

We’ll give you a few tips before we tell you what our research revealed.

What to Look For

First of all, you want to be able to see how the machine and frame work.

If it doesn’t look easy enough for you to maneuver from a video or the manufactures directions, keep looking.

No one needs to know rocket science in order to be able to quilt with a long arm machine.  We just need to be able to figure it out and follow directions.

Second of all, construction of both the machine and frame matter! 

Less plastic and more metal, means that the machine and frame will hold up over the test of time.

Also how ergonomic does the machine feel?  Is the frame adjustable to your height preferences?

How do things maneuver and do they glide?

Can you later upgrade it by attaching a robotic quilting unit to it, if you choose.

This will matter a lot when it comes to the precision of your quilting stitches!

Ease of maintenance is a plus, but also not having to replace things within the first few years really matters!

The third most important thing to know is what support is available to you after you buy.

Both the Grace Company and SewingMachinesPlus offer excellent customer service and support, before and after you purchase.

Wrap Up

Check out what is our favorite long arm quilting machine and why by going to the next page.

(Page coming soon!)

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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