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Log Cabin Quilting

Piece by Piece

Log cabin quilting is one of my favorite ways to make a quilt.  It’s fast, easy, and fun.


Using the log cabin style blocks for quilting is very simple to create.  There is a center square that all of the strips build off of.

Here is a picture of a typical block using the log cabin method.

Originally, this style began with a square in the center that was red.  This represented the fireplace (warmth and hearth) in the cabin. 

Then it was surrounded by light and dark strips of fabric.  The light fabric was symbolic of daylight.  The dark was the darkness of the cabin.

One thing that I find the most interesting about this style is that your whole quilt can be one block.  You are only limited by your fabric and your imagination.

This is a type of quilting that is ideal for using scrap fabrics.  Just cut them to size and you are ready to go.

How to Create

So you have a center square… Then what?

To create this style, build off of the square.

Place a second square next to the starting square.

Then sew a strip of fabric along the side of both squares.

After those three pieces are sewn into place turn the fabric so the starting square and the long strip are on the same edge.

Add another strip of fabric by sewing it to that edge.

Keep turning and sewing additional strips.

This is the quilting log cabin style.

There is a wonderful book that has patterns for various quilts using the log cabin method.  It’s called Log Cabin Quilts by Rita Weiss and Linda Causee.

They have so many different takes on the cabin style that it is worth the read.  Some of these patterns include a crazy flair and a pineapple design.



You can be creative with log cabin patterns.  I will include some in our design patterns section.

Don’t be tied down to just using light and dark colors.

This form of quilting can be used with random colors too.

For that matter, different sized and shaped pieces can be implemented.  It definitely adds character to the overall design.

When I make a quilt using this approach, I like to use colors that complement each other.  For instance lavender and pink.

Log cabin quilting really is an easy creative outlet.  Play around and enjoy.

Until next time,

Happy quilting,

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