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Lap Quilting

Lap quilting is an easy form of quilting.

No quilting hoop or frame is required.


How is this accomplished?


By quilting as you go.

The Basics

The basics of quilting as you go include making squares for your top that can range anywhere from 1 ½ inches to 4 inches.  This is a perfect way to use your scrap fabric.

Make similar size squares for that back.

Match the top and back pieces together with right sides facing.

Then sew around three of the edges.

Next turn the materials inside out.

Stuff your block with batting.

Tuck the edges of the side remaining and stitch.

Congratulations, you have finished a quilting square.

Once all the squares are assembled, sew them together.  Do this by placing two blocks top side touching.  Whip stitch the edge.

Keep doing this with all your squares until you run out.

Once you’ve used all your squares, your quilt is finished and needs a quilting label.

The Advanced

The advanced way of lap quilting uses quilting blocks that are 6 to 12 inches.

Machine piece the top quilting blocks.  This can be done with any block designs.

The back squares are at least 2 inches wider than the top squares.

This is because the extra room is needed for some bunching that happens when you quilt using this method.

Draw out your quilting design on the top squares.

Pin your top, batting, and back together using quilting pins.  They look like huge diaper pins.  Make sure to leave extra fabric on all edges with the backing. 

This should make the top squares look centered against the back.

Double check that the right sides of the fabrics are facing away from the batting.

Quilt along your marked lines on the top.  Leave ¼ inch free from stitches on all edges.

When all of your blocks are finished you are ready to join them together.

It is easier to join the blocks in pairs, till all of them are in rows. 

This means if you have rows that need an odd number; remember to leave the proper amount of blocks separated from the joining of pairs.

To join the quilted blocks together place the tops together. 

Sew along the ¼ inch edge.

You might need to fold the backing and batting away from the top to do this.

Next, lay the top of the pair flat.

Trim excess batting if needed.

Now place the backing fabric of one edge over the seam. 

The other edge of the pair is folded under, towards the batting.  Have the edge line up with the seam.

Lastly, blind stitch the overlap with the seam.

Continue this method until all quilting blocks are used.

Once this is done you may finish it off with binding or leave it as is.

Materials Needed


·         Top fabric

·         Back fabric

·         Batting

·         Needle

·         Sewing thread

·         Scissors


·         Pieced blocks

·         Back fabric

·         Batting

·         Quilting pins

·         Needle

·         Sewing thread

·         Quilting thread

·         Scissors

·         Ruler

I hope you enjoyed learning the ways of lap quilting.  Be creative and have fun!

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