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Kokopelli Quilting

“Southwestern Flavor”

Kokopelli quilting is a way to add some spicy southwestern flavor into your quilting.

The image of Kokopelli is that of a Native American hunched back flute player.  She is said to symbolize fertility and protect children.

Using this quilting motif actually spreads out to utilizing more than just this image.  Anything with a Native American flare can be used.

So how can you incorporate this design theme into a quilt?

Let us show you.


There are fabrics with southwestern prints right on them.

These images can be cut out and appliqued onto the fabric of your choosing.

We suggest using the freezer paper method of using appliqué to do this type of project.

You can also cut out shapes using a template.

Common shapes used are moons, coyotes, and saguaro cactus.

If you don’t have a template, just draw the shapes out on a piece of paper and make one.

Can’t draw well?  We understand that!

Find images of what you want and print them out.  Then you can use clear template plastic.  Place the plastic over the design, trace the edges of the picture, and cut the template plastic.

You now have something to help cut out appliqué pieces.


Piecing is one of the easiest methods to integrate the southwestern motif.

Log cabin style design with the center images being the figures from prints works amazingly.

Try it. 

Remember to use southwestern colors for the strips surrounding the center.

Turquoise, sage, and tans are standard colors for this style and will create the feel you are going for.


Using embroidery designs on squares of fabric is a wonderful way to bring Kokopelli to life.

Find southwestern designs in embroidery form and use them to avoid shopping for fabric with images already on it.

From there you can piece together your blocks that have the embroidery designs.

Whole Cloth 

Of course if you find fabric that already has this spicy flare and you don’t want to cut it, use whole cloth quilting.

It’s a wonderful way to keep everything intact.

Throw on some boarders if you want to and you are ready to start your quilting cookie.

Then all you need to do is finish it up.

It’s as simple as it gets. J

Wrap Up

Kokopelli quilting can be as dramatic as you want it to be.  It’s a great motif to bring a western flare to any room. 

Think of a log cabin house. 

Décor of this style will make it showroom ready in no time.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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