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Keepsake Quilting


This is a one stop shop for ideas on how to make keepsake quilting memorable.  Remembrance quilting is all about preserving memories in the form of a quilt. 

Here we will explain the many forms of memento quilts, give ideas for quilting patterns, and ways of implementing it all.

Keepsake Quilting with Meaningful Fabric

Already have fabric that means something to you?

Perhaps you have t-shirts from several travel spots.  You can make them in to a wonderful souvenir quilt by making a T-shirt Quilt.

Do you have old jeans lying around collecting dust?

Make a quilt out of jeans by Quilting with Blue Jeans.

You can use whatever pattern you want, even our free pattern, with Scrap Quilting.

What do you do with all of the applique scraps that you have?

Turn them into a special quilting project!

Check out this page for a few ideas.

Special Occasion

Quilts are often used to commemorate a special occasion.

Celtic Quilting is often a way of celebrating a new marriage.

This Free Four Leaf Clover Quilting Pattern is used to bring luck to anyone who possesses the quilt made with it.

People often welcome a new baby with Baby Quilts.

They even give their older children a Kids Room Quilt when a new baby is about to arrive.  This often makes siblings feel like they are part of the important event.  I know it has for my kids.

Often I have been asked to make a Patriotic Quilt for a hero who is coming home.  These are a wonderful way to show our gratitude to those who have fought for our freedom.

Photo Quilting is also a wonderful way to celebrate. 

I made a memory quilt for someone once.  They wanted to have it made for their parents anniversary.  We used photo quilting to incorporate all of the important pictures from their parents’ lives.  This was one of my favorite quilting projects ever.

Hop into springtime quilting with this free basket foundation pattern!

Log Cabin Quilting has been used for years to show different events in time.  These events have ranged from marriage to just being around a campfire.

Here's a free quarter log cabin block pattern to try and here's another one.

We even have a free on-point heart pattern done in this style to get your started with paper foundation quilting!

Patterns and Projects

Want some Easy Quilting Projects or Easy Quilting Patterns for creating a gift?

How about a Free Foundation Quilt Pattern, a Free Quilting Block Pattern, Point the Way, or Quilting Block Patterns?

A special Gift Box Pattern or this Gift Box 2 will warm the heart of anyone receiving a present made with it.

Celebrate your quilting independence with this free flag foundation pattern.

This Free Crazy Pineapple Pattern is perfect for making a classic quilt with a different twist.

Or you can just get plain crazy with this crazy patch pattern that can also make amazing stars!

Then again this free crazy foundation pattern can be used to make incredible pinwheels.

They can be used to make a quilting block handbag.  You can even use our free dragonfly quilting pattern with it.

We have them all here for you.

Keepsake quilting comes in so many varieties.  It’s hard to just pick one. 

So don’t pick one.  Just do one at a time and enjoy.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

Color Block Quilts

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