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by jinefizzh
(Catskill, NY)

Looking for a seam allowance calculator!

Hey there, I'm Jinefizzh, New to quilting and loving it! I've already completed 3 small ones in the last two months and am bumping up against what I don't know.

I'm curious is there a trustworthy site with seam allowances for common blocks?

So if I had a 5" block and I wanted to be able to make a block that is the same size of that out of two rectangles what would be the seam allowances?

SO if I cut two 2.5 blocks it would be the same size until I sewed it and then it would be too small, probably by a half an inch right? (2 x 1/4) But when I adjusted for that and sewed it was the wrong size.

What about if I wanted do do the same thing with 3 rectangle blocks to be the same size as 5"

What about 4?

What if I wanted a 2/3rds block and a 1/3rd block to make up to 5"?

These seem like pretty common sizes and I thought I was doing the math right but when I tried them out I kept getting things that were slightly too big and slightly too small. I think I've figured it out after a lot of trial and error but it made me thing that there must be a seam allowance calculator somewhere? Is there?

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