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I Was the Brains, Mom Was the Labor

by Talia
(Seattle, WA, USA)

This quilt was made by my mother and I, probably when I was around 5th-6th grade.

We had taken a family vacation over spring break. We’d spent some time camping in the Midwest where there were lots of Amish settlements.

The food was delicious—pies and canned goods, produce, and preserves.

One of the farms we visited also had plenty of quilts on display. I noticed that there were fabric scrap packs, containing small amounts of end fabric. I picked one out. Then I did a lot of convincing, until she finally agreed that we would make a quilt.

My sister picked a set out as well, though she was not as enthusiastic about it.

The fabric sat around for a while, and then I finally convinced Mom to go for it. We had to make a couple shopping trips to find other fabrics to frame and back the quilt. The design was all me, but my mom went slowly with it.

The center panels took shape first, and then we argued about how to arrange them into a greater whole.

I’m not sure how many quilts my mom had done before, but I remember her being very particular about the seams—and still having trouble getting them straight!

I didn't do that much actual work, a bit of running seams on the machine, but I was definitely the brains of the operation!

Mom finished the quilt by stitching patterns over it to hold the front and back together. I remember her sitting and quilting at soccer games, during family movie nights, everything, until it was finally finished.

It’s been on my bed ever since, a nice lap quilt for cool evenings.

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Oct 16, 2015
Wonderful Mother
by: Anonymous

Wow, your mother made it very nice and this is the proof she was so clever.

It is beautiful that your mother loves you that much!

Apr 15, 2015
Excellent Share!
by: Matthew S. Pryor

I am pretty glad to have read this information. It's heartwarming to have this in my memory after reading such phenomenal recount of an experience.

Thank you for sharing!

Oct 04, 2014
Wrapped Up In Love
by: Rebecca

Wonderful story!

Those loving moments mean the most! It's amazing how a simple quilt will make memories that last through time.

This is why I still make quilts for my children.

I love hearing stories about other's experiences.

It's also why this website was created, to help others create those precious moments!

Thank you for sharing!

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