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How To Make Plastic Templates

“Make Your Own For Quilting!”

Learn how to make plastic templates.

Have you ever made your own plastic templates?

Are you new to quilting or just never heard of template patterns for quilting?

Want to learn how to make your own quilting templates for patterns?

We’ll go over how to make them yourself so they last forever.  Then we’ll cover how to store them.

Just a little side note:

I made this page because I had a customer ask a question on how to actually make reusable templates from my patterns.

I answered her and it inspired me to make this page.

Unfortunately, I had just run out of template plastic.

When I took my next trip to the local super store, I asked the lady behind the fabric cutting table where they kept the template plastic.

She had a blank look upon her face.

I asked again while politely adding that it’s used for making quilting templates.

The look on her faced changed from blank to indignant.

Her response was that she’d been quilting for over 50 years and never heard of it.

I smiled and left the store.

This experience proved to me that this page really needed to be made.

How To Make Plastic Templates - Start

Get yourself some template plastic.

It’s just a sheet of clear to cloudy plastic that is somewhat see thru. Usually, the size is a 18x24 sheet.  You can buy it at Joann's or any other normal crafting store.

Print out the pattern of the paper templates.

Then lay the printout on a flat surface.

Place the template plastic over the printouts.

Trace the design of the template onto the template plastic with a permanent marker preferably a Sharpie, fine tip.  Label each piece, so later it will be easy to know which one makes which pieces of the quilt.

Once the designs are traced onto the template plastic, cut them out with a nice sharp pair of scissors or an Exacto knife. 

Now you have your new templates.

How to Store

These plastic templates can be stored in an envelope, Ziploc bag, or whichever way you prefer. 

How to Use

Whenever you are ready to use your templates to make pieces for your quilt, pick out which fabrics you want.

Where do you want them to go?

Match up the fabrics with their corresponding plastic templates.

Lay the fabric flat.

Make sure there are no wrinkles in the material.

Then place the templates on top of the plastic.

Trace around the plastic.

Make as many pieces as you need.

Use your fabric scissors to cut out the individual pieces.

Place all of same pieces in stacks.  Store them in Ziplock bags or envelopes, if they are going to be put together at a later time.

Once all of the pieces are made, you are ready to start assembling your quilt.

Wrap Up

Now you know how easy it is to make your own plastic templates for quilting.

It is as simple as a good pen, scissors, plastic, and fabric.

Any template quilting pattern can be completed using this uncomplicated technique.


Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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