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History of Quilting

"Then to Now"

The history of quilting is broad and vast.

Quilting has happened all over the world at one time or another.  It is a beautiful art form that at many times became a necessity.

Take a ride with us as we guide you through how things used to be and how they are now.

Quilting Has Many Uses

Throughout history quilting has be used for a variety of things. 

The Crusaders used it in there armor.

French wore petticoats made of quilted fabric.

The English kept the nightly drafts at bay by incorporating quilting in their draperies.

Today in America we commonly use quilts in bedspreads and wall-hangings.

Every part of the world has found a need and desire to have quilting as part of the cultural staple.

Quilting History of the World

We will cover the known history of quilting various places and times.

For instance in Japanese History warriors filled some of their quilted armor with bone and/or metal.  An effective technique that is the root of what we used today in our bullet proof vests.

Celtic design quilting has been used for different meanings such as rites of passage and the welsh influence is still around.

Answering how American patchwork and quilting grew and evolved will also be included.

Here's a hint.  Colonial quilting is not what most people imagine. 

There will be several links to our pages that will gather all the information we can muster and post it here for you to see.

Examples of different styles of quilts will be among the material. (Pun intended)

See throughout history how people have included quilting with their children.  This brought families closer together and taught the young how to survive.

Frugal quilting was a way of daily living in times of poverty.


We will also include some free quilting methods for you to try, from traditional to pain-free.  Patterns for quilting will be among them.  These will be in the design style that relates to the history it came from.

To complete this travel in time we will bring the evolution of history to the present with Primitive Quilting.

There is also modern information on quilting in different locations, such as Gunnison, Colorado and Pueblo, Colorado.

If you find that you are curious about some form of quilting history to the present that we haven't covered, please contact us or post a comment.  We will dedicate a page just for you about it. 

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