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Hand Quilting

"Look Mom No Machine"

No sewing machine?  Start hand quilting!

Don't let the fact that you don't have a machine limit you and your abilities.  After all quilting was around long before and machines were invented.

As I explained in Beginner Hand Quilting, this is the way I learned to start quilting.  I didn’t have a machine and wanted to find out two things about myself.

1.    Could I do it?

2.    Did I like it?  Enough to by a sewing machine?

As you can see, I liked it very much.  After almost 20 years later, I’m still quilting.

This is why I’m sharing my love of quilting with you.

If you are asking yourself the same or similar questions, look no further. 

I welcome you to join me in the journey of the quilting world where we will find your answers and enjoy our talents.

Here you will find easy quilting methods, even some that will help you with your quilting for the holiday projects.

They are perfect for those that don't want to use a machine or only want to use one to piece your top together.

Several techniques are in the form of block quilting, lap quilting, strip quilting, or stack and whack quilting.

Block quilting is one I’m the fondest of.  You can mix and match your blocks without any rhyme or reason. It will still turn out to be wonderful.

We’ll also include tips for flawless quilting by hand with quilting hoops and quilting frames.

This will include how to make your choice of which is better for you by explaining the benefits and drawbacks of both.

Every individual has their personal preference.

I prefer to use a hoop.  I like the portability of it.

Maybe you would prefer to use a quilting frame.

Are there other questions coming to your mind?

What is Freezer Paper Quilting?

What is it used for?

How can you use it and why?

Explanations for these questions will be revealed.

You’ll be surprised at this way of paper piecing.

Furthermore we’ll explain and suggest some stencils that will be perfect for this form of quilting.  Some of them will be more elaborate then the ones I would suggest for using with a machine.

How to make your own quilting designs will be covered too.

Stencils for this form of quilting are a bit more intricate and easier when a sewing machine is not involved.

Need a rifle or gun case?

Learn how to make one on these pages 1, 2, and 3.  We'll take you through the journey of how we made our own, just in time for hunting.

We also welcome comments and suggestions along the way. 

Hand quilting is a wonderful talent, an art that does not depend on a machine or electricity.  It is a must for survivalists and anyone that wants to work with beautiful fabrics. 

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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