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Hand Quilting Patterns

“Handed to Perfection”

Here is where we have free hand quilting patterns just for you.

Once you have learned how to hand quilt the pain free way it’s time to take a look around. 

We’re sure you’ll find something to your liking.  Play with a few of our patterns and grow your skills.

Feel free to add these designs to your personal arsenal. J

How to Use

All of these free quilting patterns will have directions on how to use the particular designs.

Quilting made easy is a page dedicated to helping you with hints tips, and suggestions to keep these patterns fun and easy.

The Celtic quilting page with do the same with this special motifs.

Even though they are meant for hand quilting, if you so desire, you can use them as a free hand machine quilting design.

Hand Quilting Patterns 

These are just a few of the hand quilting patterns that we have available for you to use at no charge.

Best of all, they can be used for machine quilting too!

Want a simple line pattern to guide your quilting stitches? Try our X Marks the Spot, Four SwirlsSwirl in a Circle, Interlocking Lines, Interlocking Squares, Crossed Line, Wineglass Line, or the Free Moorish Line Pattern.  They are perfect for beginners and advanced quilters!

Get a little more intricate with this free crossing squares line pattern.

Shoot for the stars with this free beaming stars line pattern or this free tile line pattern!

Not quite what you want yet?

Give this free off center circle line pattern a shot and see how you can make it completely unique!

Conquer geometrical curve stitching with this free dimensional line quilting pattern or this half curve free close intersecting lines pattern

Then embrace the simplistic beauty of the classic with this free pumpkin seeds line pattern, or take it to a twist with this free pumpkin seeds 2 line pattern.

The fall quilting season never looked so good as it does with this free pumpkin line quilting pattern 3!  It's the ultimate seed pattern!

Looking for a pattern that can fit a 6x6 or 9x9 inch quilting block?  Then check out this free at the crossing line pattern!

Once you have that confidence down, try this free pointed petals line pattern.

A baby feet quilting pattern that is perfect for your precious little one.  If you are not making a quilt for your own bundle of joy, this pattern would still look nice on a gift quilt.

There are a couple of heart patterns that are sure to warm up the soul.  At the very least, this doves with heart pattern will show your love.

A Valentine's quilt would look terrific with this free ribbon hearts line quilting pattern, free feather wreath heart pattern or this free heart star line quilting pattern.

Want a pattern that will make your quilting stitches look gloriously amazing?  

Try our free feather circle line quilting pattern, free radiating petals line pattern, free pointy petals wreath pattern, or the free simple wreath line pattern!

Or get a little loopy with this free wreath line quilting pattern or this free flower line pattern.

Once you have those skills mastered, move on to something a little more challenging with our free swirling petals line quilting pattern, free feather wreath patternfree heart wreath line patternfree double plume line pattern, heart ring line pattern, loose circle wreath,or our free mirrored hearts feather line pattern.

Then let your love blossom forth with this free heart flower line pattern, free flower 3 line pattern, or this free petal wreath 2!

Get on a real roll with this fun free looped ring pattern!

Or... Add some luck to your stitches with this free clover line quilting pattern!

Want to draw the eye to specific areas?

Try this free wineglass line pattern, the free floral corner line pattern, or this free peacock feathers line pattern!

Create your own quilting inspiration with this free vision line pattern!

Need a filler pattern?

This free swirl box line pattern, free square in star pattern, or  the lovely free triangle wreath line pattern are just the ticket!

Or you can add some bling to your quilt by stitch it together with this free diamond wreath line pattern.

Master the quilting circle with this free circle wreath line pattern or this free circle wreath line pattern 2.

Or take on a classic with this free feather wreath line pattern.

Ready to try a different spin on a new classic?

Take a look at our free saw wreath line pattern or this free feather wreath 4 line pattern!

Get into a wonderful fun rhythm with this free feather wreath quilting patternfree heart wreath line pattern 2, or this free heart wreath 3.

Give this elephant line quilting pattern a try for a fun twist to the normal quilting style.

A few flowing designs will be an easy quilting pattern to stitch and look elegant along the borders of a quilt.  Our fancy line designs would be one of great flare.

Perhaps you would like a free holly and berries continuous line pattern or this poinsettia line pattern to help welcome the winter holidays.

Welcome the sunny months with this free continuous line flowers pattern!

Show your love of quilting with our free continuous line heart pattern or spice things up with this Greek Square Lines pattern.

Spin your quilt right around with this gorgeous free spirograph line pattern!

Ready to get a little crazy?

Try this fun crazy line pattern to help guide your stitches.

Then meander a bit with this wonderful free Spring meander line pattern!

Or give this free leaf meander line pattern a try.

Want to add a bit of lovely to your quilt?  

Try quilting with this snowflake line patternsnowflake 2snowflake flower, snowflake 4rose pattern,  flower,  daisypointy flowerlotushummingbirdbutterflywolf, or this dragonfly pattern for a little extra elegance.  

Welcome the wintertime motif with this free snowflake wreath line pattern!

We've even added another beautiful rose pattern right here and another flower line pattern as well.

Or how about welcoming the seasons?

You can start here with this free complex leaves line quilting pattern.

Then again, here is a continuous line maple leaves pattern that is perfect for a Autumn quilt.

And then there is this continuous leaf pattern is great for all your quilts year around!

Or spring into action and let your quilting go full bloom with this free flower line pattern!

Ready to get inspired?

Have some fun with this continuous line diamond patternfree star line pattern, or this free star 2 line pattern!

What about a medieval motif?

Take a look at our dragon line quilting pattern.  It just might be the perfect fit for what you're looking for.  Add this unicorn pattern with it for an extra medieval touch. 

It's time to get more intricate with your quilting stitches and this free intersecting lines pattern, free squares unite line pattern, or this free half curves line pattern could be just the ticket!

For perfect piecing try using a foundation quilting pattern.

Other easy quilting patterns and free patterns will be on their way soon.  We’re always adding more so be sure to check back often.  

Your Impute

Do you have any design requests or comments?

Please feel free

 to contact us or leave a comment on this page.  We appreciate the inspiration you have given us.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have a design request and we believe it might be one that would be great for this site, it will take us a couple of days to get the page up.  We’ll let you know when it is online and ready for you to use.

Wrap Up

You are our muse for these wonderful creations.  Our hand quilting patterns are our gift to you.  Please enjoy them at your leisure.  We’d love to hear how they work for you, so don’t be shy. 

Heck, you could use your story about quilting for the monthly contest.  Be sure to take a picture of your work so you will be eligible for the winner’s free designs.  You can’t find them anywhere else.

Until next time.           

Happy quilting,

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