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Hand Quilting Heart Patterns

“Bringing Warmth and Caring”

Hand quilting heart patterns bring joy to those who have the designs stitched into their quilts.

Here you will find just one of our heart patterns that we hope will do just that for you.

The Pattern

Here is the picture of our free swirly heart pattern.

Feel free to copy and save it to your computer.  Then you can adjust the size if you so desire.

When using this design for hand quilting, please take into consideration of the batting you are using. 

If you are using batting with your quilt that needs stitches no further than 4 inches apart, use the design in our smaller size. 

Are you using bamboo batting?

You can make the design much larger with your regular computer editing software.  This is because bamboo batting tends to have more grace with stitch placement, usually around 8 inches apart.

No matter what size or sizes you decide to have this design, we’re confident that using the following steps will bring your finished quilt to the work of perfection you so desire.

The Steps

Think Oreo!

Have your quilt cookie basted and ready to quilt.       

The first step in using this design is to get it onto your quilt.

How do you do that?

We suggest making a template or using the printer paper itself.  These directions are for using printer paper because it is a cheap method and you might only use this design once. 

We are taking into consideration that the quilt you are using this design on is small.  If a bigger quilt is what you are aiming for, use a longer lasting template.

If you want to use this design more than one time or are making a large size quilt, we suggest making your own stencil.  It lasts forever and is quick to apply.

To use the paper method just print out the design in the size that you want. 

Pin it to the quilting top in the desired locations. 

Stitch along the printed lines. 

The paper is just a guide.  If it rips or tears, it’s okay.  The paper is disposable anyway.  It’s only meant to be used once.

Reposition the paper to the desired locations that you want your quilting stitches to appear.

If your paper is destroyed before the quilt is finished, print out more copies.

Once quilting is complete, bind the edges in your preferred method or style.

Label the quilt with your trademark and your quilt is complete.

Wrap Up

Now there are other ways you can use this pattern.  For instance, making a hand quilting template is the technique we prefer.  You can make them in several sizes depending on your needs.  Template stencils made of plastic last forever.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how you want to use the hand quilting heart patterns.  We hope you enjoy working with it.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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