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Hand Quilting Frames

Want to have your quilt turn out perfectly smooth?

Hand quilting frames make your finished quilt have that perfectly smooth showroom quality that most quilters strive for.

Frames Are Superior?

The reason why frames tend to be better than hoops is that they keep the same tension on the top, batting, and backing.

This is an important aspect to have in order to have your finished quilt be perfectly flat.

If the quilt doesn’t have perfect tension on the top and the back, it will likely pucker.

Likewise, if your batting isn’t completely smooth.  This can cause distortion in your quilts overall look.  It will also feel funny by the touch.

I only recommend quilt frames if you are serious about quilting and really enjoy it.

They are more expansive than quilting hoops.  Nevertheless, the price is worth it.  The end result is a showroom quality quilt.


The size of your frame should be able to handle the size of your quilt.

Hand quilting frames come in many different sizes.  Some frames have extensions available.  They range from crib size to king size. 

You can quilt on a frame for any size of quilt that is smaller than the frame. 

For instance, if you have a frame that is able to handle a queen size quilt, you can quilt anything up to queen size. However, you wouldn’t be able to quilt a king size quilt on a queen size frame.

I hope I explained that well.

Choosing the Best Frame

The best frame for you will be of the right size and quality. 

When it comes to size, take into consideration the size of your project and the size of the room your frame will be in.

I recommend getting a frame that is as big as the room can handle.  You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse when the frame is too small to do larger projects.

For instance, most of the quilts I make are full size.  Every now and then I do like to make really big king size one though. 

If you are making your quilts for other people, you also don’t want to turn down a request for a big quilt because your frame can’t handle it.

That is another down side to a quilting frame versus a hoop.  A frame takes up more room, but some are collapsible.

The quality needs to be of good caliber.  You want your frame to last for years not months.

If you really enjoy quilting you will be using your frame all the time.

Do you know if you would like a forth rail?

Quilting frames typically have three rails to keep the proper tension on all your materials.  A forth rail allows for the batting to be up off the floor.  This keeps the batting cleaner.

There are several manufacturers of quilting frames.  But one name tends to stand above the crowd.  That would be Grace.

The Grace Company has been making quality product for years.  Their frames are durable and dependable.

Keep them in mind when shopping for frames.

In conclusion, hand quilting frames are for serious hand quilters.  Beginners are better off learning on a hoop.  The appreciation for such a fine tool will be realized one becomes more advance.  Your love a quilting will guide you on your journey.

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