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Quilting in Gunnison Colorado

“Feel the History”

Gunnison Colorado has been a hub of history for many decades.  What was once an old farming town has now become a place for tourists and education.

This small city houses one of the largest colleges in Colorado, Western State University.  Even though this is a draw of some of the new inhabitants, it’s not what draws those who love to quilt.

The main draw of this tiny town is the Pioneer Museum.  We’ll go over why this is such a wonderful place to visit and where to find supplies close by, once you are inspired.

The Pioneer Museum

To reach the Pioneer Museum, just drive along highway 50.  It's on the college side of Gunnison Colorado and you can't miss it.

This museum contains everything from antique cars to the first made sewing machines.  It’s perfect for the entire family because there is something for everyone. 

Those of us who enjoy quilting will appreciate seeing some of the first sewing machines ever invented. Then we can gaze at the classic quilts that were made throughout time.

Smaller children will get an interesting point of view when they see the old school house.  It’s one small room to teach all the children in the town of school age.  It’s amazing just to think that a little more than 100 years ago this was excellent functioning school for more than 40 years.

For the ones in our lives who relish in tools and mechanical things, this walk in history is sure to keep their attention. The evolution of all things industrial will captivate and entertain them.  They might even talk more about what sparked their interest than what you get to share regarding what appealed to you.

Quilting in Gunnison

If you try to find a quilting shop in Gunnison Colorado, be prepared to pull a tooth from a bear.  You’ll probably be more successful being the tooth fairy for our furry friend.

Simple Threads is the closest thing the town has to a fabric shop.  It’s not a true store for fabric that we all usually think of.  It’s more of a t-shirt shop that you can have your favorite slogan embroidered onto your choice of materials.

The interesting news is that the local Wal-Mart actually carries fabric.  It’s a small selection, but then again it’s one of the smallest stores Wal-Mart actually has.  This store was the smallest one in the chain’s history, until very recently.  It has a rather good selection of thread too!

As for other sewing equipment, it’s best to travel out of town or order online.

Nancy’s Needle

There is one store that deserves an honorable mention.  Nancy’s Needle isn’t located in Gunnison, but in the nearby town of Pitkin.  This town attracts people who really like to camp, RV, and/or just get away from it all.

The scenery is beautiful in this small town and so is the homey entrance of this little shop.

Nancy’s Needle is a place that you can put your own works of art for sale on consignment.  They also offer mending, alterations, and custom sewing projects for a reasonable price.  It’s a great place even if you just want to peek inside.

The store is situated right next to the local post office and gets lots of traffic due to the fact that it’s on the main drag.  You can’t help but notice it as you come and go through the town.  If you ever get a chance, we recommend stopping by to have a look around.

Wrap Up

If you ever get a chance, we recommend stopping by to have a look around both Pitkin and Gunnison Colorado.  They are a great way to educate yourself and your family.  Both places offer an excellent approach to clear your mind and get inspired for your next creative projects.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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