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Fun Line Quilting Pattern

“Time to Play”

Make your own fun line quilting pattern to play around with free motion quilting.

It’s simple and easy to do.  Let us guide you through this play time task.  Just remember that it’s not striving for perfection, but enjoying a good time in a craft that you love.

The Pattern

How do you make your own line quilting pattern?

It’s easy.  Just grab a piece of pattern and start scribbling wavy curly lines. 

Takes you back to the days of Kindergarten. ;)

Maybe your drawing looks as simple as these sketches.  Perhaps your’s will looks better much better than ours.

Once you’ve made one that you like, continue on to making it a guide for your quilting stitches.

Quilting Steps

Since this is a design that came straight from your inner you, you might want to use it more than once.  That is why it is best to print it out and make your own hand quilting template with a stencil.  We describe how to make it here.

Once you’ve turned your drawing into a stencil then it’s time to get it onto the quilt top.

The alternative to a stencil is to pin the paper directly to your quilt top and stitch through the paper. 

You might want to make more than one copy of your design, because the paper will not hold up very well.

Place your template to where you want your lines to be.

Transfer the template image using your favorite method.  This could be fabric markers, pencils, quilt pounce, etc.

We prefer the quilt pounce pad with chalk because of how simple and fast it is.  Also, you are less likely to have the stencil move on you when you’re using it. 

There is nothing worse than using a pen or pencil when the stencil shifts on you.  We’ve all be there.  It’s not pretty and it can be very frustrating.

Just be sure to mark out one section with the pounce and quilt, before you mark the next.  This will make sure that the marks are always visible. ;)

Now that the image of the pattern has been transferred to your quilt top in the sections you are working, place your quilting stitches along the lines.

Don’t forget to drop your feed dogs when working with free motion quilting.

Then move on to the next section and the next and so on until all of the quilting on your top is completed.

When your quilt is quilted, bind the edges with your choose method, and add your label or signature.

Your quilt is now a beautiful finished work of art stitched together with a design you made all on your own.

Wrap Up

Making your own fun line quilting pattern may seem silly, but it’s guaranteed to be a one of a kind design that came straight from you.  Enjoy!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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