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Freezer Paper Quilting

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Freezer paper quilting can be incorporated in a variety of ways.  Whether your machine quilting or hand quilting, freezer paper can help you make a finished product.

Here we’ll go over how to use it for two methods and why.

Freezer Paper

Question:  What is freezer paper?

Answer:    In America it is what we use to wrap our meat in before we store it in the freezer. 

This is to prevent freezer burn.  I personally don’t care to use it this way.  It’s not as effective as other methods.  However, it is great to use when quilting.

This special type of paper has a waxy coating on one side that allows you to adhere it to fabric in a temporary fashion.  This is done by ironing it to the material.

Just make sure the waxy side is facing the wrong side of the fabric instead of your iron. ;)

Here’s a picture of what it looks like.

Hand and Machine Quilting

Applique is one of the reasons why you would use freezer paper.  It’s doesn’t matter if you’re making the quilt by hand or machine.

Freezer paper can be used in place of interfacing when piecing your quilt together.

Now why would you want to do this?

For one thing it’s cheaper, making it more cost effective.

Second, it’s a lot less messy.

The first time I used iron-on adhesive interfacing I cut it the same dimensions as the fabric. When I ironed it, the interfacing stretched more than the fabric.

Guess what happened?

The adhesive got everywhere.  The cover for my ironing board was ruined.  I thought my iron was ruined when I saw the sticky stuff all over it.

Here’s a helpful tip:

If this happens to you, the iron is salvageable.

First, wait until your iron cools down. 

Then try rubbing alcohol. Smear it over the bottom of the iron with a rag.  Make sure that the electrical components and plastic are not touched.

Now that the sticky stuff is dried up it can either be flaked off using your fingernails or rubbed of using your finger tips and thumb.

When using freezer paper in place of interface you still want to use it in the same way.  This means to have your sewing allowance be ¼ inch bigger on the fabric than on the paper.

Photo Quilting

Freezer paper can also be used to help print images onto fabric.

Photo fabric is usually used for this but it can be very expansive.

Iron freezer paper onto the back of 100% cotton high quality fabric and you can print the image onto this material as if it was photo fabric.

After printing the image, let the ink dry. 

Then rinse the fabric with cold water.  This will remove the excess ink. Be sure to let the water flow free.  Do not wring. 

Let the material dry.

Remove the freezer paper.


Wrap up

That’s it.  Freezer paper quilting in its simplicity. 

Please feel free to comment with any additional uses you may have with freezer paper when it comes to quilting. 

Until next time.

Happy quilting, 

› Freezer Paper Quilting

› Freezer Paper Quilting
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