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Free Wedding Ring Quilting Pattern

“The Perfect Bridal Gift!”

Our free wedding ring quilting pattern will help you make the perfect gift on that special day.

You can make a flawless quilt to help celebrate the newlywed’s precious union.

This pattern is also perfect for learning how to sew curvy pieces to make a square block!

So take a ride with us as we guide you through the process of using templates to make beautiful quilts.

Free Wedding Ring Quilting Pattern Block

Here is an example of what the free wedding ring quilting pattern block will look like once it is complete.

It’s an easy 6x6 inch quilting block that can be used to make any size quilt you desire.

Just remember that the overall size will be in 6 inch increments.

You will also need to make the right amount of quilting blocks for the quilt you are going to make.

For instance if your quilt is going to be 42x48 inches, you will need 56 finished blocks before assembling the quilt top.

42x48 Inches



So you need 7 blocks across and 8 blocks down for your finial quilt.

7x8=56 blocks total

Getting Started to Quilt with Templates

To get started you’ll first need your own copy of this wonderful free pattern.

You can get the pattern here:

Add to Cart View Cart

Items that are also needed to complete this project are:

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread/sewing machine
  • Template plastic (optional)

Once you have the pattern, print it out so you have a physical copy.

When you have the physical copy there is a choice to be made.  Either you can use the paper as your template, or use template plastic.

To use template plastic, trace the pattern onto the plastic and cut out your traced design.

This happens to be our favored method because we tend to make more than one block at a time when making a quilt. J

Paper also gets destroyed to easily and is so flexible that tracing around it is a pain!

Have your template in your hand ready to go?


Choose which fabrics will be used with each template.

Prepare your fabric as you normally would.

Place the template onto the fabric and trace around the edge with a pencil, fabric pencil, fabric pen, etc.  Anything can be used as long as it won’t stain your fabric.

The design can be traced onto the front of the fabric or the back side.  It’s quilter’s choice.

Several quilter’s like to do this to the back side in case the tracing won’t wash out.  At least in that instance it will be on the inside of your quilt where it is less noticeable. 

If this is what you choose to do, remember that the finished block will be a mirror image of the intended design.

Once all the pieces for your block are transferred to the appropriate fabric it’s time to cut them out.

It’s best to group or stack pieces together that are all the same.

Label them if desired. The more parts to a block, the more important it is to remind yourself which ones they are!

This makes it easier for mating pairs. 

The Assembly

Decide your route of attack.

Which pairs are you going to put together and in which order.

Every quilter has what works best for them and you will be no different.

Mating two pieces that make straight lines are the easiest and require fewer pins.  Curved parts require more pinning and maneuvering as you feed it through the sewing machine.

As you mate and sew your pieces your block will grow.

Before you know it, the block will be complete.

When you have enough quilting blocks made, they can be arranged in whichever way you wish for your completed top.

It may look something like these quilts, if you only used this beautiful block pattern:

Wrap Up

This free wedding ring quilting pattern will bring the lovebirds together by wrapping them in your loving and thoughtful quilted gift!


Post it in the quilting forum or contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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