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 Free Pointy Flower Line Pattern

"Make Glorious Quilting Stitches!"

Make beautiful quilting stitches by using this free pointy flower line pattern!

It is so simple and intricate looking that you'll want to quilt it on everything!

These stitches are easy and perfect for completing those empty spaces along your quilt.

Let use help you through the how to get the pattern onto your top so you can get to the stitching task. 

Then we'll show you how to make it an original!

We’re sure you’ll love the effects that will be created.

Free Pointy Flower Line Pattern

In order to start working with this free pointy flower line pattern you need to get your free copy of it here.  The link will take you to our Craftsy's Store.

Get your copy and come back here for the directions.

You can place this quilting pattern on your entire quilt top to guide your stitches or you can arrange it where ever you choose. 

It looks excellent as a centerpiece to a quilt!

Remember, these are only suggestions.  You know what’s best for your quilt.

Make sure you pay attention to your placement so you don’t lose your guide.

Think Oreo. ;)

Once you have your quilting cookie assembled, its time move on to the actual quilting.

Quilting Steps

This is such a simple design that we know you might want to use it again and again.  That is why it is best to print out the free pointy flower line pattern and make your own hand quilting template with a stencil.  We describe how to make it here.

Another possible suggestion (if you don't mind picking the plastic off afterwards) is printing this free pointy flower line pattern directly onto some press and seal.

It's easy enough.  

Just take a sheet of press and seal, and cover a piece of printer paper with it.  Make sure you're only covering the side that will be printed.  Fold over the edges to the back of the paper if you must.  

Then you can print the pattern directly onto the press and seal.

Once, the image has been printed, the press and seal can be removed from the paper.  Then place it onto your quilt, directly on where you want to stitch.

Just remember if you are going to use this method, the press and seal will need to be removed after your stitches are made.  It can be a little tedious!

Don’t like the size of the original pattern?

Just adjust the image to the size or sizes you desire before printing it out.  If you would like to use several sizes, put the image into a word program on your computer. 

This allows you to make the images as many times as you’d like in the sizes you want.  You can even put them all on one page to save paper. ;)

When you have completed the sizing task, it’s time to dig into the nitty gritty.

Align your template to where you want your lines to be.

Mark the template image using your favorite method.  This could be fabric markers, pencils, quilt pounce, etc.

We prefer the quilt pounce pad with chalk because of how simple and fast it is.  Also, you are less likely to have the stencil move on you when you’re using it. 

There is nothing worse than using a pen or pencil when the stencil shifts on you.  We’ve all be there.  It’s not pretty and it can be very frustrating.

Just be sure to mark out one section with the pounce and quilt, before you mark the next.  This will make sure that the marks are always visible. ;)

Now that the image of the pattern has been transferred to your quilt top in the sections you are working, place your quilting stitches along the lines.

Then move on to the next section and the next and so on until all of the quilting on your top is completed.

When your quilt is quilted, bind the edges with your choose method, and add your label.

Tada!  Your quilt is now a finished masterpiece.

How to Make it Your Own

Want to add even more detail?

Give freeform quilting a try!

Now is a wonderful time to play with this free pointy flower line pattern!

How incredible it would be if every corner had a different design inside it?

Nervous about trying?

There is a wonderful online quilting class that will give you the confidence, while showing you how simple and fun it can be.

Design It, Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques by Cindy Needham

This class has become our go to class for stitching ideas.

Even if all you take away from the class is the three basic stitches that are taught, your quilting will never be the same.

The amount of creativity that comes from this class is amazing!

Best of all it can be watched at any time and as many times as you want!

Give it a shot and you'll see why this is worth it.

It's also backed by Craftsy's Guarantee. :)

Wrap Up

Whether the quilting is for the whole quilt or used with other designs, this free pointy flower line pattern will make it look glorious!

Let your own inspiration take over and get creative with it!

How will YOU use this design?

Make sure to get your copy today and share with us your ideas!

Be sure to check this site often as we are always adding new patterns and information.

If you have any suggestions on a certain motif or idea, please share it by contacting us.  We’ll try to turn your ideas into the next greatest thing.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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