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Free Landscape Quilting Pattern

“Plug n’ Play”

Ever wanted to use a free landscape quilting pattern but didn’t have the right feel for it?

We've gone over what landscape quilting is here.

Now we’ll show you a simple pattern that can be used in several different landscapes.  It’s all in which fabrics you choose.

The Simple Butterfly

The pattern that we are giving you today is the simple butterfly.  Pictured here:

Now this butterfly can be in any color of fabric that you desire.

We suggest finding your landscape background fabric first.  Then see which materials to make your butterfly out of.

Is your background going to be the marshland or something like it?

Here’s a unique idea.  Maybe the butterfly could be some type of camouflage fabric to blend into the scene.  It would definitely make it a quilt that visitors would study just to find all of the butterflies. J

Or maybe something more traditional would be your style.

Find a background with other butterflies and plug your applique pieces into the scene.

The possibilities are endless.

Whichever motif you decide to choose, we feel that this would be best as a bed size quilt.  However, a wall-hanging would do nicely.  It’s just less to play with. ;)


  • Choose your background landscape.
  • Decide what fabrics are best for your butterflies.
  • Copy and print out the template for the butterflies.  Adjust size if needed.  Different sized butterflies would add a lot of dimension to the overall scene.
  • Trace the template onto fusible.  We recommend using freezer paper or Heat n Bond lite hold.
  • Cut out fusible leaving extra fusible around the edges. 

This will make it less likely to fray when cutting the fabric.

  • Press onto wrong side of fabric.
  • Cut fabric on the drawn line that was traced onto the fusible.
  • Arrange onto background to find ideal placement for the applique.
  • Iron press appliques in desired location.
  • Stitch around the edges of the appliques with a tight zigzag stitch.
  • Make your quilting cookie (top, batting, and backing fabric).
  • Quilt using any channel quilting design that appeals to you.

Valla!  Mission complete.

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed the ideas on how to use this free landscape quilting pattern.  It may be simple, but there are unlimited possibilities for its use.  Explore them all at your leisure.

Until next time.

Happy quilting, 

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