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Free Crazy Foundation Pattern

“Learn Crazy Quilting Skills”

Our free crazy foundation pattern will make a unique quilt with a variety of different layouts to choose from.

Even though this pattern uses the foundation paper piecing technique, it doesn't need to be perfect.

However, when perfection is accomplished, remarkable pinwheel designs can be achieved.

We're going to show you how to make this simple patch block so you too can have a dreamy star-ridden quilt!

Please note that this technique is done using a sewing machine, but can be done with a simple needle and thread.  The machine makes it easier and faster!

Free Crazy Foundation Pattern

This is what the free crazy patch pattern will look like once you've completed a block.

To get your own copy of this pattern, click here:

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To start this project you will need the foundation block pattern, which is on the 3rd page of the download.

Print off as many copies of the pattern as you need.  You will need a copy for each block you are doing for your quilt.

To explain further, 6 copies if your quilt is only using 6 blocks.  112 copies if your quilt will have 112 blocks to complete it.

Once you have all of the copies printed out, move on to the “Steps”.


Start with having all of the fabric prepared before making your first block of the free crazy foundation pattern. 

Wash and press it with an iron. 

This will ensure that the fabric won't shrink when you wash your final quilt and that you will have smooth materials to work with.  This is particularly helpful when it comes to sewing them together.

Cut your fabric in a way to ensure that all of the pieces are at least ½ inch bigger that what you need.  They do not need to be the exact shape of your design pieces.  For example, it could be rectangles that you cut out, but your final pieces are diamonds.  You can even use scraps if you’d like.

Now, pin the first piece (#1) of fabric with the wrong side touching back side of the paper, over where the first piece is marked.  Make sure it has good placement by holding the two up to a light source, like a window.  The fabric should cover the entire place of the design and overlap the surrounding places by at least ¼ inch.

Picture demonstrations of the shadow that you are looking for are in the free downloaded pattern instructions.

Here is where most people get tricked up.  Pin the next piece (#2) of fabric with the right side touching the right side of the first piece of fabric.  The edge of the second piece should overlap its seam line by at least a ¼ inch and when unfolded overlaps the surrounding sections by ¼ inch. 

Remember that you want all of the right sides on the materials to be facing away from the paper when the block is finished.

Hold the fabric up to the light to make sure that the placement is ideal.

Place the materials paper side facing up.  Sew on the line using stitches that are 1 to 1.5 mm.  This can be done with either a sewing machine or by hand.

Once the pieces are stitched together trim whatever excess material there is.  Remember to keep ¼ for the seam allowance all around.

Unpin and unfold the fabric sections.

When piece #2 is unfolded, pin it into the fabric’s proper place on the paper guide.

Lay the material for piece #3 over #2 with right sides touching.  Make sure the seam edge overlaps the seam line and all around to the neighboring sections by at least a ¼ inch.

Pin fabric #3 into place.  Hold up to light to ensure proper placement.

Stitch on the line just like before.

Trim excess material ¼ inch away from the seam that was just sewn.

Unpin, unfold and pin section #3 into proper place on the paper guide.

Continue to work in this manner until all the pieces are stitched into place.

Once at this point, baste with long stitches around the edge of your block.

Trim the excess cloth and leave a ¼ inch seam allowance around the outer edge of the block.

Now, carefully tear away the paper from the back of your free crazy foundation pattern quilting block.

Voilà, the quilting block is done with expert procession.

Printed pattern is needed for each block.

Repeat this process for each quilting block that you want to have as part of your quilt top.

Need More Help?

Sometimes just reading about foundation paper piecing isn't enough to be able to fully understand how to make all the different steps happen.

Thats when online quilting classes really do their magic.

We found an excellent one for teaching this technique.

Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing is wonderful for teaching the basics and tips to keep it easy as you move on to the more complicated skills.


Where can you find more patterns like this?

We have several all over

Our other favorite place is  Most patterns available are from independent designers.  This keeps the prices low while no two patterns are the same.  There’s always something new to help inspire your creativity.

Wrap Up

This free crazy foundation pattern is a wonderful way to unlock some crazy quilting skills!

Everytime the blocks are rearranging, they will make a different quilt layout.

You'll be amazed at your final results.

Be sure to share with us what they look like in the quilting forum so we can all be awed with your masterpieces!

Remember to check out our store often.  We're constantly adding new and free patterns!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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