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Free Beginner Quilting Patterns

“Keeping It Easy”

Do you want some free beginner quilting patterns?

We have more than just a few.  They are all available for your unlimited use.

When thinking of these types of patterns you might have a few questions, such as:

So what are the best patterns for a beginner?

What makes a quilting design good for beginners to use?

Why are they different from other patterns?

We’ll answer these questions, let you know of a few good places to find patterns that are simple to use, and of course let you know about some of the patterns we have.  

The Good

Why are some quilting designs for beginners?

Why are some for more advanced quilters?

These are very valid questions and we’re here to help answer them.

Patterns for beginners tend to have less steps, simple angles, and easy to understand directions.  The idea behind them is that the pattern needs to be uncomplicated to create an enjoyable experience for newbies.

Advanced quilters can sometimes make more intuitive leaps, so the directions for these designs sometimes just assume that you already know certain steps.  These patterns also have more complicated angles and sometimes use intricate techniques to achieve the finial desired result.

The thing that makes a pattern good is that there is great communication in the directions.  The more it conveys the information to the person who is using the pattern, the better.  It is also helpful if you can ask questions.

We know that for most places you can’t just walk up to the person who made the pattern and ask them something. 

However, you should know by now that we are here for you.  If there is any type of question that you may have about quilting, please feel free to contact us.  We will do our best to answer whatever questions you may have and make sure you understand them. J


Where can easy quilting patterns be found?

Well, of course, you can look right here on our website and find several free beginner quilting patterns.  Most of them are free and can be used without limit.  We also have several of our patterns available on Craftsy.  For instance our designs that we made for past contest winners are now available in our store. has several other patterns available as well.  Some are free patterns and some are available for a small fee from independent designers.

For good books there is always Booktopia, Barnes & Noble, and Foyles

A great book for beginners is 200 Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match by Davina Thomas.  We love this book because there are so many combinations that can be made into a quilt top design.  The possibilities aren't limitless, but it sure comes close. 

Wrap Up

These are excellent places to start when looking for a beginner project.  As your confidence grows, so will the patterns in your arsenal.  Enjoy each new design you make and the fun will just keep flowing.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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