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Flower Line Quilting Pattern

“The Floral Motif”

Use our flower line quilting pattern to bring a little floral motif to your quilting stitches.

Let us guide you through what this pattern looks like and how to use it to make your extraordinary quilt a one of a kind masterpiece.


This beautiful quilting pattern can be stitched all over your entire quilt top or you can arrange it where ever you choose.  It’s your call.  You are the artist and you know best to what fits your style.

Just keep in mind where your placement is going to be for this pattern amongst your quilt top.  It ensures that your quilt won’t lose some of the wonderful effect that these stitches can create.

Think Oreo.

Once you have your quilting cookie assembled, then its time move on to the steps and use the flower line quilting pattern.


This is such a cute design that we know you will want to use it again and again.  That is why it is best to print it out and make your own hand quilting template with a stencil.  We describe how to make it here.

Just adjust the image to the size or sizes you desire before printing it out.  If you would like to use several sizes, put the image into a word program on your computer. 

This allows you to make the images as many times as you’d like in the sizes you want.  You can even put them all on one page to save paper. ;)

When you have completed the sizing task, it’s time to move on to getting the job done.

Align your template to where you want your flowers and vines to be.

Mark the template image using your favorite method.  This could be fabric markers, pencils, quilt pounce, etc.

We prefer the quilt pounce pad with chalk because of how simple and fast it is.  Also, you are less likely to have the stencil move on you when you’re using it. 

There is nothing worse than using a pen or pencil when the stencil shifts on you.  We’ve all be there.  It’s not pretty and it can be very frustrating.

Just be sure to mark out one section with the pounce and quilt, before you mark the next.  This will make sure that the marks are always visible. ;)

Now that the image of the pattern has been transferred to your quilt top in the sections you are working, place your quilting stitches along the lines.

Then move on to the next section and the next and so on until all of the quilting on your top is completed.

When your quilt is quilted, bind the edges with your choose method.  Then add your signature quilting label.

Woohoo!  Your quilting masterpiece is complete.

Another Option

Are you doing a whole cloth quilt?

It is another way to bring this pattern to life. 

How you ask?  Whole cloth quilting is so plain.

These stitches can be done on a whole cloth quilt and then painted in with fabric paints. 

Painting quilts has become a great way to add depth and dimension, especially when the fabric itself is lacking.

Think of how you can make these flowers come to life with a variety of colors.

We know you want to try.  Just grab a brush and try it.  This technique might soon become a favorite to make one of a kind quilting works of art.

Wrap Up

No matter which method you decide to use this free flower line quilting pattern, we’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun and enjoyment in the process.  Be sure to sit back and revel in the sense of accomplishment once you’ve completed your latest project.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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