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Flawless Hand Quilting

“Perfect a Timeless Art”

Flawless hand quilting doesn’t have to be hard work. Let there be a guide to help you.

Foundation paper piecing can be your ally.  It can be used by hand as well as machine.  Just use the same principles.

We’ve previously talked about foundation quilting, but that was more for beginners and involved a sewing machine.  Now take the same technique, but do it by hand.

Once this is done, this page will help you incorporate a similar technique with hand quilting.

To Begin

Think Oreo.

Have you pieced top and quilting cookie already assembled.

Find the quilting design that you want.  Print, copy, or trace the pattern onto regular copier paper, butcher’s paper, or freezer paper.  

Freezer paper and Butcher’s paper work better than copy paper because they have more flexibility and are easier to pin. 

Use a quilting stencil if you don’t like working with paper.

Pin the paper to your quilt top.

We prefer freezer paper. 

If using freezer paper just iron it on using low to medium heat.  That way you don’t have to pin it.  It will stay in place long enough for you to quilt that section.

Place your materials in a quilting hoop or frame as you normally would.

Then begin stitching on the lines of your guide.  Be sure to move the needle and materials in the proper place to allow you to have more control as you are working with paper.

When you have completed the section, prepare the next section just like the first.


Is your paper moving on you even though you pinned it?

Try using masking tape around the edges.  It won’t damage the fabric and it will make things more stable for you.

Do you hate using paper?

If it just doesn’t work for you, try using quilting stencils.  They give you a guide that stays in place without having to deal with paper. We’ll show you how to make your own here.

Basting string interfering with your paper?

Try using a basting gun.  This uses little plastic tags to keep your materials together.  The tags look like those that hold price tags onto clothing at department stores.

Wrap Up

Using these hints and tips will give your quilt the flawless hand quilting finish that it deserves.  If you have any further hints or comments, please share them down below.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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