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Firework Quilting Pattern


Our firework quilting pattern is perfect with the upcoming holidays.  Independence Day is just around the corner for many countries.

This is a basic stained glass quilting design.  Don’t worry.  It’s pain free.

We’ll show you how to make an easy quilt with this simple pattern by using this technique.

Ingredients For the Firework Quilting Pattern

  • Gather your fabric.  The more mixture of colors assembled the better.
  • Heat n Bond Lite iron-on fusible adhesive is best when doing a bigger size quilt, such as one made for beds.  If just making a wall hanging, use ultra-hold and avoid all stitching on the applique.  The ultra-hold doesn’t like needles.
  • Fine tipped sharpie pen for tracing the design.
  • Pattern of the design to be used.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing machine if using lite hold fusible.


  • Have your pattern ready.  Get your free pattern here:
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  • Place the printed design on a hard surface.
  • Lay your heat n bond over the image with the paper side facing up.
  • Trace the image onto the fusible.  Be sure to include the numbers for each piece.
  • Cut the fusible between the lines.
  • Place the pieces onto the wrong side of the desired fabrics.
  • Place iron on medium heat and press the adhesive onto the fabrics for 2 seconds.
  • Now cut the fabric along the drawn line that is on the fusible’s paper.
  • Find the desired placement by placing the applique pieces onto the backing fabric.
  • Once the location is ideal peel off paper backing of the applique pieces and iron press to the count of 5.
  • When all the pieces are glued into place get out your sewing machine.
  • Select a tight zigzag stitch and sew around all of the edges of each appliqued piece.  This will ensure that the design will stay in place even after washing the finial quilt.
  • Do this with each pattern block you make, before piecing together your top.

Remember to think Oreo (top, filling, back).

  • Sew together all of your sections to complete the top.
  • Make your quilting cookie. 
  • Quilt in the ditch, free hand quilting, continuous line quilting, or use whatever your preferred method of quilting you choose.

This method of applique is safe to stitch over, but not ideal.  If you decide to stitch over the applique, be sure to go at a slower pace to avoid the machine from jamming.

Wrap Up

Celebrate with us by using this firework quilting pattern.  It’s sure to light up a room.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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