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Fire Cross Quilting Design

“Layered Effect”

This fire cross quilting design is free for those that wish to try it.  This design uses a layered applique technique.

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried something like this before.

Explanations of what the layered effect is will come.

We’ll walk you through every step of the way.

The Pattern

This fire cross quilting design pattern may look complex; however it’s really very simple.

There are three layers to this applique. 

The first layer is the flames which is the largest part of this design. 

The second is the crisscross, done here in a white fabric. 

The final touches are the third layer. Like frosting on a cake, it’s not necessary but it sure makes it better.  These little bits make it appear as though the fire is in the center as well as the edges of the cross.  It gives this piece depth and motion.

You can of course omit the tiny pieces, but your finial work will lack that certain special something.

Now we’ll move on to how you can do this design at home.

The Steps

Decide on which two colors of fabric you will use to create this fire cross quilting design.  It’s best to stick to two colors to create the dimension of this design.  Also pick out the background fabric so you know where your applique is going to be placed on.

Once that is decided it’s time to move onto the tracing.

First get the free pattern by going to and print out the image of our pattern in the size that you want.  Bigger is better in this case.  Smaller would make the little bits at the end a huge pain in the … to manage.

Then lay out your fusible, paper size up, over your printout.  Have a book or hard surface underneath the two sheets.

Using Heat n Bond is our favorite fusible because it’s cheap and easy to work with.  Use lite hold when stitching appliques into place, making the item washable.  Ultra-hold when the finish work is a wall hang quilt or framed work that is not going to be washed.

With a fine tip Sharpie pen trace the outline of the whole fire cross quilting design. This will be the first layer.

After the first layer is trace, continue on to the second layer.  Start this by moving the fusible to an unmarked section and placing it over the design again.  Trace out the crisscross section of the design. 

To make the third layer of little pieces, again use a blank section of fusible and place it over the pattern.  Trace out all the tiny bits.

Before moving on to the fun part, number your tracings.  This will help you when we cut them out and iron them into place.

Next find a large envelope or Ziploc bag.  We’re going to be cutting the pieces out and with the small ones; it would be frustrating to lose them.

It’s important to remember that when you cut the images out before they are on the fabric we need to leave some white space around the edges.  This is so that when we trim the fabric there will be no fraying or whiskers on the edges.  That being said, begin cutting out your designs leaving an extra bit of fusible around the edges to be cut off later.

Once the fusible is cut out into different pieces, arrange those pieces onto the back of the fabric that goes with each piece.  Then iron press them into place with a medium hot iron and count to three each time you press.

When the fusible is stuck to the back of your fabrics cut out the sections on the drawn lines.

Then after the pieces are trimmed to their ideal shapes, arrange the first layer on the fabric that is to be the background.  When you have found your ideal placement, peel off the adhesive paper, and iron press them into place and count to five as you’re doing so.

Is the first layer firmly in place?

Good.  Time for the second layer. 

Let the previous fabric cool for a few seconds.  While that is happening, peel off the paper from the second layer.  As long as the first layer isn’t hot to the touch it is safe to place the second layer on top of it and arrange it to exactly where you want it.

Is it where you want it? 

Then iron press that layer onto the first.  Again count to five as you press down.

Now the fun little bits.  It’s best to do these one at a time.  Arrange each one where you want them to be and press, just like the other pieces.

After you have pressed each one of the fabrics into place, they may be stitched down if so desired with a satin stitch.  

Only stitch down the applique if you used lite hold fusible.

Then your artwork is complete.  Congratulations!

Wrap Up

Even though it seems like a lot of steps for the fire cross quilting design, once you get started it really tends to go by fast. 

To sum up the steps, it’s just:

  • Trace
  • Cut
  • Press
  • Cut
  • Press
  • Stitch (optional)

Have fun with it and enjoy.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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