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Fancy Line Quilting Patterns

“Bring a Little Style”

When using one of our fancy line quilting patterns you will see how easy they can become part of your everyday quilting experience.

Feel welcome to use these free quilting patterns for any and all your quilts.

The Patterns

All of the patterns below are our fancy patterns.

They look perfect along borders or blank spots.  They are perfect for giving your quilt that little extra flare that you have been looking for.

How to Use

There are several ways you can use these designs. Just decide which technique you would prefer to use. 

Do you like using stencils because of their durability and staying power?


Do you prefer using paper just to keep them temporary and fresh?

If you want to use paper, try using butcher’s paper or freezer paper instead of the copy paper.  They’re more flexible and will give you less of a hassle for working with them.

If stencils are your thing, try making your own with our technique.  You can read about it here.

Whichever way you like to make your guide, it is best if you do it one section at a time when you are hand quilting.

Like quilting by machine?

No problem.  You can still use these designs. 

Can you really whip out quilts fast?

Feel free to make your quilting guide on your whole quilt top. 

Otherwise, if you like to take your time, mark out one section at a time.  This avoids the problem of not being able to find your guide.

Think Oreo. 

Once you know which technique you are going to use, it is time to assemble that quilting cookie and start quilting.

Wrap Up

You’ll notice that quilting with any of these fancy line quilting patters adds a level of elegance to your quilt.  Have fun with it and enjoy.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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