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Family Traditions...and...Peacock Feathers

by Liz

I grew up around quilts. My great granny used to cover my brothers and I up with quilts that she had made every time we used to visit. When she passed away, a few of her quilts were passed down to my mom. I still have one of those at my house today.

So I guess quilting ran in the family because my mom has been making quilts for the past few years. She has made one for my daughter for Christmas. It had all of my daughter's favorite things... butterflies and flowers and bright colors.

My mom has also done smaller quilts for my son (with tractors), my nephew (with baseball), and my niece (with olives...her name is Olive). She does them all by hand. It’s all done with a needle, thread, and her hands... no machine.
She usually tries to do one quilt a year and gives it as a gift for Christmas. They are usually for the grandkids with fun and colorful themes.

So, I was surprised this past Christmas. We sat on the floor at my parents’ house opening and exchanging gifts. My mom brought out a huge bag with a bow. I looked at her with a puzzled face when she sat it in front of me and said, "This is yours".

I opened the bag and folded up inside was a huge quilt. But not just any quilt... it was done with peacock printed material. I am a huge peacock person. Peacocks symbolize new beginnings and they are so beautiful. I was so excited that a quilt had been designed especially for me with the peacock image I love so much!

So maybe in a few years, the quilting bug will bite me too and I will continue the family tradition!

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