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Elephant Line Quilting

“Bring Some Fun”

This elephant line quilting pattern is perfect for kids.  It can also give your quilt that special spiritual touch of Ganesh.

Whichever way you intend to use this design, it will make a beautiful quilt come alive with your passion.


As you can see this elephant line design is an easy quilting pattern.  Even though it’s easy and simple, it will give your quilting wonderful character.


Now where to stitch this design on your quilt?

It would be perfect for the stitching of this pattern to be the center piece of the quilt.

However, it would look great on boarders too.

One might want to alternate the design with other animals or characters.

The options are endless with your imagination.


How to use this design?

There are several ways to use this design as a guide for your quilting stitches.

You could simply save this design to your computer and print it out.  Use the copier paper by pinning it directly to your quilt.

We must warn you though that copy paper can be a bear to work with.  It rips easily and is very stiff.

You could trace the design from the print out onto some butcher paper or freezer paper.  Both forms are more flexible and perfect for pinning onto your quilt top.

Using any kind of paper is temporary and can tear easily.  It’s the perfect one time use method.

For more durability, why not make your own stencil?

It’s easier to do than you might think.  Simple template plastic and a sharp cutting utensil is all you need.  We even walk you through how to make your own hand quilting stencil here.

You might even know of another way to get the design onto your quilt for your quilting guide.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you feel comfortable with it so your stitches will come out clean and consistent.  

Think Oreo.

Once you have selected your method, it’s time to put that quilting cookie together and start quilting.

Wrap Up

This elephant line quilting pattern is sure to light up the heart and attract a variety of onlookers to your work of art.  Don't be shy and take a bow.  You deserve the applause.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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